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Subject: AFP headlines, ridiculous, but typically anti-Semetic
Elbandeedo    3/22/2004 7:19:41 AM
"Israel assassinates Sheikh Yassin, Hamas pledges all-out war" I'm sorry, explain that to me again? how do you "assasinate" a terrorist? Wrong terminology, in yet another thinly (HA!) veiled attempt to give terrorists "legitimacy". No, a better word is, "executes". Israel EXECUTES condemed terrorist. That works for me. E.
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American Kafir    RE:AFP headlines, ridiculous, but typically anti-Semetic   3/22/2004 7:48:05 AM
Hamas is one of those "militant" groups that specifically targets and kills Israeli civilians. Of course, if they happen to kill a non-Jewish Israeli citizen, it's an "accident." It would seem that "terrorists" are those who specifically target and kill non-Jews.
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sentinel28a    RE:AFP headlines, ridiculous, but typically anti-Semetic   3/22/2004 5:56:49 PM
"Hamas pledges all-out war" Geez, Israel better look out. Apparently Hamas has just not been serious the last few years. "Death to the Jews! No, we REALLY mean it this time!"
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SGTObvious    You're halfway there, Elbandeedo   3/22/2004 6:34:19 PM
It's equally disgusting to equate Hamas's bus bombings with legitimate acts of war. So the headline should have read: "Israel executes terrorist, Hamas pledges all-out murder spree" ..
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Elbandeedo    RE:You're halfway there, Elbandeedo - Roger that Sarge   3/24/2004 7:28:42 AM
Yup. shoulda seen that - and posted it. thanks for the catch. man I loathe newsies. (I know there are a few good ones out there... I know there are... wish I could find 'em!) ;-) E.
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