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Subject: Which islamist terrorist guerillas are the best?
jofredes    3/24/2004 12:58:07 PM
Which of the Islamist terrorists guerillas can be seen as the best? That is best motivatet, equiped and trained fighter, best at using terrorist bombings, propaganda and in the end getting what they want. The Talibans haven't been particulary effective, the Kashmiris are on the run, The Moro Islamic liberation front seems to have been effective prevously they were good at getting money from blackmail and transacting the money on the internet, buying fast boats and bribing philipino army to look the other way and getting weapons but they are largely beaten now. Some of the central asian islamist seem to have been somewhat effective. The UCK got what they wanted by getting kosovo "liberated" but didn't do to well in the field. The Iraqi groups suck when they meet Americans in open combat but at least some of them are good at blowing of relatively advanced bombs. so far the chechnyans seems to have been the the ones with the most credit, after all they have beaten the Russian army in the field at least once and kept they out of chechnya for 3 years but now they seem to be weakened in internal conflicts, it would have been interesting to see how they would have done fighing americans.
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TriggaFingaz    Which islamist terrorist guerillas are the best?   3/25/2004 3:27:07 PM
If we define *best* Islamist terroists as those with highest bloodthirsty body counts, apart from Al Qaeda, we have to say the Algerian GIA. They seem to take pleasure in invading villages to behead women and kids, cutting throats, shooting people the streets.... Psychotic.
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Green Dragon    RE:Which islamist terrorist guerillas are the best?   3/27/2004 7:48:30 PM
I can't answer that question the way you want jofredes, in my opinion they're all equally criminal and what is BEST for them is to be reduced to their molecular components.
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friend2all    RE:Which islamist terrorist guerillas are the best?   3/29/2004 1:36:53 AM
Arafat has been playing the left-leaning components of Europe (and the US, sadly) like a violin for years. Depending on your definition of "best" (I cringe at that), PLO might get top "honors" (grimace).
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On Watch    RE:Which islamist terrorist guerillas are the best?   3/29/2004 6:57:47 AM
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TriggaFingaz    Best?   4/10/2004 6:31:46 AM
We should ask which is the best fate for the AQ leadership. I say, if an Apache managed to send a few Hydra 70 rockets into a caravan column that OBL and his bodyguards were travelling in, and OBL was the only one still alive but cruelly maimed (legs blown off?), the reaction force of Delta/SEALs should remove his weapon (AKSU-74), and ignore him while searching the remains of his followers for intel and goods. Let OBL suffer the indignity of being utterly IGNORED like a stamped on roach.
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Green Dragon    RE:Best?   4/11/2004 8:12:26 AM
I would gut-shot OBL first, but that's just me!.
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Thomas    RE:Best?   4/16/2004 3:02:43 AM
This board is equivalent to ranking hockey-player after their carrier penalty minutes.
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jofredes    RE:Which islamist terrorist guerillas are the best?   4/18/2004 5:43:25 AM
Seems like not a single one of you got the point, which of all these Islamist terrosists would be the most skilled adversary. Think of it like comparing the Germans, Japs and italians in WW2, what is that each of the terrorists are good at at and what is it they are not good at, and which of them would overall be the worst opponent, and please try to keep the emotional remarks out, that is not how make inteligence analysis of your enemies.
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gf0012-aust    Which islamist terrorist guerillas are the best?   4/18/2004 6:00:53 AM
quote: [ Seems like not a single one of you got the point, which of all these Islamist terrosists would be the most skilled adversary ] I think the issue is that you think that they are worthy opponents. I think that they're worth a few "claret ops", but that's about the sum of it. Take away the bindings of the respective Geneva and Hague covenants and let them play in an open area where there are no civilians to hide amongst, then you can start drawing comparisons. Check your moral compass and see in which direction it points.
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Thomas    RE:gf0012-aust    4/20/2004 6:06:35 AM
As usual a good post. The fact of the matter is that the terrorist are not a threat as such. They cannot threaten the existence of a state (with andorra as a possible exception). When You have lived next door to the Soviet Empire for half a century you get quite a different perception of threat.
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