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Subject: A little help ref terror, Judaism, and cemetaries
Elbandeedo    4/14/2004 2:03:06 PM
Background: The Morroco blasts some time ago, multiple, simultaneous attacks. One attacker walked into a Jewish cemetary and detonated himself. In the news today (and I believe I saw it yesteray as well!) plans were found in the apartment in Madrid where the trapped terrorists detonated themselves that indicated attacks to be forthcoming on "Jewish sites and cemetaries". Y'all know me. I'm not trying to inflame anyone or hurt any feelings - I really want to understand: What significance is there to abdullah the meatbomber blowing himself up in a Jewish cemetary??? I recall something, though it's in the New Testament, reference Judaism and burial (after Christ was crucified, he needed to be taken down and buried quickly) in reference to sunset and the Sabbath?? Can someone with some knowledge on this topic please expand on this subject: The question, refined is: What would "terrorize" anyone if abdullah the meatbomber kills himself on Jewish Hallowed Ground (cemetary in particular)? Thanks all, E.
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chemist    RE:A little help ref terror, Judaism, and cemetaries    4/14/2004 2:25:10 PM
Could it be something about desicrating the dead? Not a theologian or relly up to speed on Judiaism or Islam. Just a wild stab.
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Elbandeedo    RE:A little help ref terror, Judaism, and cemetaries    4/14/2004 5:43:51 PM
I think you are right Chemist, I'm just not sure. hopefully someone with a little knowledge in the area will answer. One thing i'm thinking is possible; what if the islamofacsists have it wrong? I mean, what if they think they are desecrating the dead, but the Jews don't care, or it's not as big a deal to them as it is to islamists? That would be a really nice example of irony... E.
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