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Subject: Suicide Bomb Plot in UK??
Bob    4/20/2004 1:28:36 PM
has anyone heard anything more on this? it's from The Sun:,,2-2004180985,00.html Fox News picked it up, but is extremely vague:,2933,117472,00.html Ten terrorists with bombs at a Manchester United soccer game this Saturday. These are the only two sources I've seen, so I'm wondering how credible The Sun's reporting is.
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celebrim    RE:Suicide Bomb Plot in UK??   4/20/2004 2:56:35 PM
Well, about as credible as the New York times has been in the past couple years, which is to say, not very. But on this one they seem to have gotten a scoop. Details are vague because the British police aren't talking. That tells me that don't want to embarass themselves by getting it wrong and that the investigation is ongoing and likely to have a few more arrests. At this point, all that has been confirmed is at least 10 individuals had prepared bombs and planned to make a suicide attack on a large gathering of people on Saturday. The police have arrested 10 people identified as being of North African and Iraqi origin in a large paramilitary raid involving 400+ peace officers. However, the police have made no official comments about the methods or targets of the suspects. The assertion that Manchester United was the target at this point appears to be speculation by the reporter, but it might also be a very good guess. It's a 'high value' target from a terrorists perspective with large name recognition and a potential for mass casualties. I don't know how easy such a target would actually be, for instance, I'd think that they'd do weapons searches at Soccer Stadiums given the hooligan problems, but I could be wrong (clarification would be good).
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happyman77    RE:Suicide Bomb Plot in UK??   4/20/2004 3:19:10 PM
I have no idea how security is done at English sporting events...but if there are security check points at the enterece to the statiums, would be terrorist could blow themselves up in line....I have often wondered why people haven't attacked security checkpoints. A hundered people waiting in line to be search would be a wonderful target. An attack there could kill many people and throw the notice of security into a tailspin. Simply because it would be absurd to have a security check point for a security check point....but I'm rambling....
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bsl    RE:Suicide Bomb Plot in UK??   4/20/2004 8:17:05 PM
The whole story is obviously false, because of the restrained British policy in Northern Ireland, and the careful way Britain has always distanced itself from Israel, and widely criticized it's policies, as well as from the fact that there is no war of civilizations and anyone who claims otherwise is a right wing racist wanker....
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