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Subject: Fundementalist assasins - Their background
ilpars    4/21/2004 5:33:58 AM
Fundementalist assasins. Who are they? What is their background? I want to give the answers to these questions as much as I can. Historical background of Assassins: There was a time in history in which world was plaqued by assasins. The Assassin (Hashasi) cult of Alamut, the followers of the Shaikh al-Jabal (Old Man of the Mountain). This was a Muslim cult active in Persia, Iraq and Syria about 1090-1272. Their tactics were killing key personal of Muslim Kingdoms in nearby lands such as Sultans, Viziers who are following a life style that is unacceptible to them. Their terror tactics were so effective and their homebase of Alamut was such a strong fortress that nobody could have touched them and they could force their own plitics into nearby areas. Their name Hashasi comes from the usage of Optium by Assassins. But several researchers indicates that their name comes from an Arabic word which means Protector. Their ideology was they were protecting muslims from the wrong-doings of their rulers. El-Kaide (or AL-Queda) strongly follows their strategy. First they have founded several strong nearly impregnable fortresses in Afganistan mountains. Several years they indoctrain their chosen assasins. Then they have planned a very dramatic act of terror to make them known in the entire world. To really understand El-Queda, I think you should read about Assasins of Alamut. Who can be an assassin? Not everybody can be assasin. First of all assasins must himself die in his act of terror. The personal goal of an assasin is to achieve Martydom by dying in the act of killing the enemies of Islam. To do this Assasins need to have a suicidial charecter. Someone who wants to die. And it is a great sin in Islam to commit suicide. Then he must be very religious and believe that everything his religious leader is absolutely true. Because he must never have a doubt about what he is doing is right. He must not have free will. He must be a person to let someone else to decide instead of him. How they are recruited to the cause? Most used way is by covert muslim charity organizations. Hamas extremely using this method. They are opening schools, mosques in poor or war suffered muslim neighborhoods. They helped people without wanting anything in return. By that way they can keep in touch with possible candites for assasins and foot soldiers (not everybody is cut to be an assasin and they also need foot soldiers). Assasins are mostly chosen from unsocial, silent types. Especially the ones who had done great sins and had a strong desire to be forgiven by God or the ones who lost their loved ones are seeked. In personal talks by their "new friends" they have been told that if someone died fighting in the way of God, he would be Martyr and all of his sins will be forgiven. He will live in Heaven with his loved ones. In suicidial religious persons these kind of persuasions can be quite effective. Why they are killing civilians? In the sick way of thinking of a fundementalists, people of democratic countries are responsible for what their countries are doing. Israel and USA (in their belief ruled by Jews) governments are inherently evil. The actions of these governments must be stopped by all costs. Only way to stop them is building an enmity between people and their governments by frightening people by terror. So by their logic, killing innocemt civilians is a way to protect innocent muslim civilians from evil Israel and USA. What is their weak point? Killing civilians is a great sin in Islam. In their subcontious level every assasin know this. That is why some assasins blow his bombs when he is not near anybody else. And there are some incidents when assasins run away without blowing theri bombs. So, their belief of rightousness of their ways can be shaken by respected religious leaders. Fundementalists know that. And any religious leader who oppose their ways, immediately put in a dead-list. Like every organisations Fundementalists needs headquarters and training areas. USA should never let fundementalists to have a secure stronghold again like they had in Afganistan. Several years ago, Turkish inteligence offices had informations that several charity organisations are founded in Turkey which are in connection with Hamas. These organisations had done no terrorist activity. But when there is enought proof that they are indeed have connections with Hamas they were closed and their founders have been sued for planning a conspiracy. In Eorope there were an fundementalist organisation working against Turkey which tries to recruit members from European Turks. Turkey used all his diplomatic strength to persuade European countries to close them. Several European countries still refuse to close them as they had done nothing illegal in their country. Ideologic background of fundementalism: Some religious scholars in the past centuries are supported the belief that: This world is false, an illusion, a t
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Sophmore    RE:Fundementalist assasins - Their background   4/21/2004 8:23:06 PM
Just one real problem in my eyes this whole thing every body from every other contrie says USA supported taliban they have been brianwashed by media enterpritation. The US never supported the talibin it didnt even exsist yet we supported the Mujahadeen anti comunist guerrillas who fought the soviets some factions were fundemintalist some weren't and after they defeated the soviet invasion finally in 1989 i belive they took power however that goverment was replaced in 1996 by the taliban following a bloody civile war, in conclusion the the US didnt support the taliban they supported the guys who the talibs killed and took the country from
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ilpars    RE:Fundementalist assasins - Their background   4/22/2004 12:34:01 AM
The problem is USA had supported every resistance group in Afganistan. They did not care if they are fundementalist or not. Taliban did not happen in 1 day. The fundementalist Mujahadeen groups were later became the backbone of Taliban. If USA did not support fundementalist Mujahadeens in the first place, there would be no Taliban. And there were many non-fundementalist groups to support.
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Tercio    RE:Fundementalist assasins - Their background   4/22/2004 12:39:31 AM
Ilpars, good work, there are for sure contact points among Assassins and AQ. I'm not really fond in that period of the History. Nevertheless if I'm not wrong their tactic was to spreading the fear of being killed among the local hierarchy in order to get their submission, and worked pretty well with Sultans, Viziers and other top officer who were more interested in their own interests than any other thing. However, it didnt' work with the Crusaders, at least with the Military Monks (Templars, Hospitaliers, Teutons), because their top officers didn't care so much about being killed, and if that ever happened their successor in charge of the Templars, for instance, would not change their politics for a threat of being killed. Furthermore, the Assassins tactics didn't work with the Mongols neither, if I remember well the Mongols crushed the Assassins to extintion (pleasa correct me if I'm wrong.)
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ilpars    RE:Fundementalist assasins - Their background   4/22/2004 2:01:04 AM
Asasins tactics can not work against Crusaders or Mongols because assasins could never enter the inner circles of rulers as there were no muslims there. Ilkhanid Mongols were Shamanist or Christian (a sect highly influenced by shamanism. None of the crusaders considered them as Chritian.) Hospitalier Knights were allied to Assassins (common enemy). Assasins were also never effective against Turkish Khanate of Rum (Anatolian) Seljuks. Reason is unknown by me. Assasins of Alamut tactics were very similar to Al-Queda. They were the inventors of Asymmetrical War. In the end Mongols destroyed them by treachery. They bought 1 of their chief leaders. Capture Alamut and some other key fortresses with his treachery. And when they are done with him, killed him also. He demanded too much money.
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Sophmore    RE:Fundementalist assasins - Their background   4/22/2004 9:02:20 PM
Thats what i was saying everybody spins it like the US handed Osama a check and said "here fight of the soiviets and if theres anything left why dont you blow up the world trade center a few times just to blow the cash." Thats not how it happened at all americians just threw $$$ into the region pakistani intellegance delivered it to the fundementalists the CIA involvent was for the most part inderect with the mujhadeen through the pakistanis, its like giving your friend $5 and he gives $1 to some guy you hate did you give the buck to the guy you hate?
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