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Subject: More WMD shows up
SGTObvious    4/22/2004 8:57:56 AM
In Jordan? hmmm. Are we talking ex-Iraqi material here? Why has the media been vague and/or silent on this one? Terrorists with gas weapons. You'd think people would care about that one.
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ilpars    RE:More WMD shows up   4/22/2004 9:04:41 AM
As you can see, Fundementalist are also ready to kill other muslims who do not share their view. It is not a war of religions as some people in the forum like to refere. It is war between fundementalists and rest of the world. They are even more dangereous to muslim countries.
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happyman77    RE:More WMD shows up   4/22/2004 1:07:52 PM
It is a civil war. But the European civil wars of the past 200 years spred and invovled the entire planet.....
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Final Historian    RE:More WMD shows up   4/22/2004 1:30:03 PM
happyman, you are correct. This is essentially a Islamic/Arab civil war, and it is rapidly spreading itself across the globe. Unless it it defused, and quickly, the Arab/Islamic world shall end.
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ilpars    RE:More WMD shows up   4/26/2004 4:30:37 AM
Arab world is in a civil war since 7th century. Why do you think their world will end.
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Bob    RE:Okay... wow.   4/26/2004 11:53:19 PM
The media has finally picked up on this. I remember reading (on Debka) about bomb trucks loose in Jordan through Syria in at least early April, if not late March, though I'm not positive. So that should do something for their credibility, no? ;) The American media apparently waited for Jordan's documentary to come out before reporting the story. It was sorta well produced, but still leaves a number of questions (only because of the media's selective reporting on it), one of which being why the "ringleader" Al-Jayyousi only shows the right side of his face during his confessional, why these guys confessed so easily, and named Zarqawi - but also, what chemicals were involved, the exact numbers and amounts - some say 20 tons of explosives, some say 20 tons of chemicals, others say 30 tons of explosives and chemicals (???). And then, of course, Jayyousi dropped a HUGE bombshell, which I just picked up on Nightline - I need a complete transcript. In his little confession, he claims he met Zarqawi in Iraq, and was trained in poisions and explosives. He then claims that AFTER the fall of Afghanistan, he met Zarqawi, again. Which came first - the fall of Afghanistan, or the fall of Baghdad? That is enormous. One thing is for certain - Zarqawi is the most dangerous guy, right now. I would speculate that he is indeed, still in Iran, although many claim him to be in Fallujah. I don't think so... One should wonder this: if Zarqawi is the one masterminding most of the operations we've seen lately, does it mean that Ayman Zawahyri is indeed on the run - neutralized - and OBL dead and gone, or does it mean that #1 & #2 are still getting things in place for something huge in the US or Europe?
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Final Historian    RE:Okay... wow.   4/27/2004 1:12:59 AM
It will end because terrorists will eventually get their hands on nukes, and use them to make large radioactive holes in Western cities. After the 2nd city is gone the West, especially the US and UK, will not hesititate to nuke anyone who resists us anymore.
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Final Historian    Also   4/27/2004 1:13:19 AM
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Elbandeedo    RE:Also   4/27/2004 8:10:10 AM
Wow. that reads nearly like the escalation to World War One. "...where all our decisions have been made for us..." I personally don't think any bad guys have nukes, or they would have used them. However, they are very actively attempting to GAIN WMD/WME. E.
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