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Subject: We're still politically correct!
SGTObvious    5/6/2004 6:57:42 PM
An American arrested connected to the Madrid bombing: WASHINGTON -- Acting on leads generated from the Madrid train bombings earlier this year, FBI agents Thursday arrested a Portland, Ore., man on a material witness warrant and searched his home, authorities told Newsday. They would not identify the man, other than to say he is a U.S. citizen born in America. His wife, who was not arrested, also is a U.S. citizen but was born in Egypt. The authorities would not provide names or other descriptions of the couple, other than to say they were young. *** Gee, no descriptions, huh? Other than "young"? If this was posted as a prediction on our "predictions market" as "American arrested in connection to Madrid Bombing identified as Middle Eastern in ethnicity" would anyone at all by a "Con" share?
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chemist    RE:We're still politically correct!   5/7/2004 12:15:15 AM
Sarge, and my wife asks why I don't want to move to Oregon when we both finish our doctorates. Shessh. Why would I want to live amoungst a bunch of terrorist supporters?
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Final Historian    RE:We're still politically correct!   5/8/2004 4:21:22 PM
There are a number of US cities that have large concentrations of AQ sympathizers. Portland is one of them. However, other parts of the state should be ok.
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