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Subject: Jordan's Queen Noor goes down babbling
SGTObvious    5/6/2004 7:33:03 PM
Asked, what causes Terrorism: Poverty Asked, if the cause is pooverty, why is it Arab and not African, Asian, or Latin American terrorists knocking down our buildings: "I think that is a difficult and complex question blah blah blah blah" On the other hand, what the heck did they expect her to say? "Because we Arabs regard vengeance, hatred, and violence as high ideals."
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Final Historian    RE:Jordan's Queen Noor goes down babbling   5/8/2004 4:22:30 PM
Given her position has Queen to one of the more moderate states in the ME, I don't blame her for fudging the details.
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Jay    RE:Jordan's Queen Noor goes down babbling   5/8/2004 5:12:47 PM
I've always sincerely doubted she got selected for Queen because of her razor sharp intellect. As the Sgt. said, she 'goes down' babbling.
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swhitebull    RE:Jordan's Queen Noor goes down babbling   5/8/2004 11:01:40 PM
I watched Chris Matthews interviewing her several nights - I thought the show should have been labeled SOFTBALL, not Hardball. No challenges, no refutations, nothing by Chris to indicate he actually had done his homework, and show where she was wrong. One of HIS most blatant mistakes was to state unequivocally that Ariel Sharon had started the 2nd Arafat intidada by going to the temple mount, DESPITE even ARAFAT's cronies stating that the intifada began being planned the day after Arafat walked away from the Barak-Clinton plan. I cant believe Chris didnt know that - or have the researchers to provide him with the info- and then challenge Noor with her claims. swhitebull
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Jay    RE:Jordan's Queen Noor goes down babbling   5/9/2004 8:51:56 PM
Chris Matthews only seems to play "hardball" with conservatives, with liberals it seems more a case of throwing an occasional semi-difficult question in to make it look good (though I will admit he does a better job of faking it than Larry King or Bawba Wawa). From the looks of Chris I always thought the show would be better named "Butterball." But getting back to the subject of the most famous California girl in the Arab world, she always did seem like a queen to me. Albeit more in the Hells Angels sense of the term than real royalty. But then again, since when have the arab countries ever had real royalty, what you see today is really just a poor job of aping the past great courts of Europe anyway.
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DesertWriter    RE:Jordan's Queen Noor goes down babbling   5/17/2004 8:15:10 AM
Actually she's an American of Lebanese descent. She's also not my favorite person, but anyone who thinks that terrorism and poverty aren't related is missing at least a part of the point.
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Nomad32    RE:Jordan's Queen Noor goes down babbling   5/17/2004 3:16:57 PM
Terrorism and poverty are related only pereferally. Cadres come from the more educated/affluent segments of society. The poor only provide cannon-fodder. Trying to pass off poverty as an excuse for terrorism is a neo-socialist sop. Ideology is the key element. Central America produced it's share of terrorists/freedom fighters in the 80's when the Comminist/anti-Communist ideologies were in play. Today the region is not much better off economically, but there is remarkably little political violence. I could see arguments that contend poverty promotes banditry, but terrorism is political in nature, and that something else entirely.
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ilpars    Equatation of terrorism.   5/17/2004 4:03:00 PM
Terrorism = Leadership + radical ideology + poverty + hatred. I believe we can try to break this equatation from some point.
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NewGuy    RE:Jordan's Queen Noor goes down babbling   5/17/2004 5:46:52 PM
If terrorism and poverty are so closely 'connected' as many claim, can you explain why most of the 9/11 terrorists were middle-class or above in status, why many of Pal homicide bombers are not from the poorer families of Palestine, why were the Red Fraction and related European terrorist groups were drawn mostly from middle or even upper class families income-wise??? Its a myth that Poverty = Terrorism: there are many places in the world that have high levels of poverty but almost no terrorist groups/acts. Poverty is no excuse for not being a rational, decent human being. NewGuy
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bombard    RE: revised Equatation of terrorism.   5/21/2004 10:41:25 AM
Terrorism = Tight Leadership group (IRA Example, Army Council) + Radical ideology (Nationalism, socialist policies) + Propaganda <= Lack of education + poverty IRA support stems from working classes, and groups with less access to education. Poverty is relative. So is education. Ideology needs to complex to appeal to highly educated people, but easily reduced to cruder principles in propaganda for poorer groups.
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bombard    RE:middle class terrorists   5/21/2004 10:57:51 AM
Violent Criminals are largely drawn from working classes. Criminals are terrorists without complex ideology Put cash, from criminal enterprises or legitimate together with propaganda for extremist ideology and you've a terrorist movement. Like FARC etc in Columbia, or Sudan, or the conservatives in Iran, or the Unionist gangs in Northern Ireland. The Palestine example is hardly true. Tell me, where are the wealthy Palestinian? Where are the middle class Palestinian? They no longer exist. Poverty and ignorance are rampant in Palestine. So it is probably true that some of the homicide bombers can from formerly middle class families. but no longer. It takes a certain amount of familiarity with wealth to be able to walk into the first class cabin of a aircraft, without being marked as 'first timer' by the first class cabin crew. A middle class individual might be more able to pull that act off than a worker. Perhaps. The red faction were unusual. It is not exactly a good argument to point at the exceptions, and declare the rule. ETA gain most of their support in deprived areas in the Basque country. Terrorism is defiantly linked to poverty and deprivation, guided by tight focused leadership, and extremist ideology.
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