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Subject: Maybe we can pick up a tip from Osama
SGTObvious    5/6/2004 9:36:02 PM
Nothing wrong with stealing a good idea from your enemy. Osama, (or his "Voice", as I suspect the real Osama is pushing up the poppies) is following our lead and offering rewards. One of the problems with the rewards offered by the US is that they are huge, but they are totally meaningless to the average barefoot, dirtpoor uneducated middle easterner. An arab peasant really has no idea what 25 million dollars is. So Osama's offer is in gold. Great idea- we should do it immediately, and offer even more gold. Gold is understandable. A peasant can visualize a hundred pounds of gold. He can touch it. And we can but radioactive traces in it to see where it goes. One thing Osama hasn't made clear, though, is how anyone is supposed to collect on his reward. ("Just bring proof of your successful assassination to...") Oh well. I don't think his target audience thinks that far ahead.
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doggtag    RE:Maybe we can pick up a tip from Osama   5/7/2004 12:20:52 AM
...perhaps "a horse's weight in gold" for bin Laden would mean something to the average Joe Afghanistan?
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OplotMira    RE:Maybe we can pick up a tip from Osama   5/7/2004 8:27:05 AM
I think people in most developing countries know very well what the dollar is worth. In some countries they even use the dollar as a substitute for the national currency. Can you say national disgrace? I am glad my country is not in that position. Were it up to me, we should keep our national currency but price our oil in euros. No better way to balance US economic and political power. :) Sincerely OplotMira
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