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Subject: US military doesn't chop off heads
doggtag    5/11/2004 8:33:34 PM
For people not up to the latest news, check out the story of the murder through decapitation of this US contractor employee, Nick Berg. I don't post this as any disrespect whatsoever to Nick's family, but I just want to remind all you foreigners who are whining about the US abusing Iraqi prisoners, you all need to realize that we don't go around chopping people's heads off in the name of our god! ..
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chemist    DT   5/11/2004 8:52:52 PM
I hear you. But you realize you are going to get folk saying that the American god is oil or money or empire, right?
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SGTObvious    No, we don't chop off heads.   5/11/2004 8:55:32 PM
So where's the outrage? Where is the media demanding the resignation of Arab leaders, "full acountability", etc, etc, for producing the "environment conducive to this behaviour"? Why is this tolerated? Oh, wait, I remember. We know why.
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doggtag    RE:DT   5/11/2004 9:22:14 PM
If they want to spout their ignorance by shouting such accusations, let them step up to the plate. Perhaps they would be happier if NO American money and NO American media and NO American investors weren't in their countries. Perhaps if enough Americans just stop listening to their crying little butts, they'll finally realize that nobody else wants to hear their whiney little butts, either. But unfortunately, those people don't realize that the true god of America, The Spirit of Brotherhood, makes us give a damn enough about the rest of the world to actual get out there and risk our own lives to offer those people a better option than the killing and ignorance they've been living in for longer than America has existed. Who else do they think would really show any concern for their suffering if American never existed to get the world going in the direction of unity and peace in the first place? If their leaders would rather buy guns and bullets instead of books and schools, then what they are now is all they'll ever amount to. And if they choose to live a life surrounded by ignorance and violence, then I can't personally feel any sympathy for their cause now, can I? People can choose to NOT pull the trigger just as easily as they choose TO pull it.
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doggtag    RE:No, we don't chop off heads.   5/11/2004 9:23:14 PM
My point exactly, big Sarge. Where's the outrage over that brutality? ..
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Ijahman    RE:US military doesn't chop off heads   5/18/2004 3:03:28 PM
He wasn't a contractor, at least not in the sense of he had a contract with the US gov't to be over there fixing stuff. I am still confused on why he was there, what was he doing there, why he didn't leave when initially advised, etc. Plenty of work on comm towers here and in much safer countries. I think it was just dumb on his part. I don't think he deserved to get his head choppped but is it really surprising that it happened given the situation over there?
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veronique    RE:US military doesn't chop off heads   5/19/2004 2:59:22 PM
Chopping off heads is terrible, but just take a look at the dead iraqi children. does it really matter if one dies by the sword or by f-16 dropping bombs? children aren't terrorists.
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Elbandeedo    RE:US military doesn't chop off heads You're right.    5/19/2004 3:27:52 PM
The dead don't care how they died. You're wrong that it doesn't matter. There is a vast difference between an accident of war, and the intentional sacrificial slaughter of a captive. So what's your point? are you saying the terrorist are right? are you telling us the bombs shouldn't have killed children? or are you just trolling? When terrorists stop hiding behind the skirts of their women and the bodies of their children, the innocents will die in far fewer numbers. In the mean time, terrorists will continue to butcher innocent victims in the name of their false god. Hey, that makes it all better doesn't it? NOT E.
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BBrad    RE:US military doesn't chop off heads You're right.    5/20/2004 3:48:44 AM
Here is a challenge for the Islamic world. We mustn't be under any illusions when dealing with Islamic extremism. I put the following in for those who wish to improve their knowledge as to what we are up against. The following is an index of the Hadith (Islamic traditions). http://www. And the Muslim Students Association of the University of Southern California have put the Hadith on-line so you can look it up.
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ilpars    US military is not extremely careful either.   5/20/2004 4:14:38 AM
US military does not kill civilians intentionally. But US military is not extremely careful not to kill civilians also. This morning, when I am going work; I heard from BBC that US helicopters attacked a wedding by mistake and killed over 40 civilians many of them children. What kind of mistake is this? What happenned to careful recons. Being extremely sure that you are targeting the bad guys. If US military makes enough of these mistakes, this war will become impossible to win. Then once more USA will withdraw like Vietnam lefting this mess and chaos to Turkey's backdoor like they did to their other allies in Indochina.
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BBrad    RE:US military is not extremely careful either.   5/20/2004 6:59:54 AM
Shooting guns in the air at weddings is suppossed to be a tradition. I wonder how many hundreds of years that tradition has been around? obviously it hasn't been around for that long so they can do with out it. The US should issue warnings. If your going to fire guns in the air at weddings or any other occasion expect to get shot.
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