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Subject: Full translation of psycho-bable prior to murder of Berg?
Elbandeedo    5/13/2004 11:35:16 AM
I didn't time it, but the islamofacsist that read the "statement" prior to the murder of Nick Berg went on for quite a while. What was said, can anyone point me towards a translation? The porcine-lower-intestine-excretia who read, then murdered Berg had three to four pages in his hands. Aside from more psycho-bable about how "allah loves the death of kufrs" and garbage like that, I wonder if there was anything of intel worth in the "statement". Just curious. E.
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Elbandeedo    RE:Full translation of psycho-babble prior to murder of Berg?   5/13/2004 3:55:16 PM
I noted too late - I dropped a 'b' in 'babble' E.
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