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Subject: Dialogue: Does Islam promote Terrorism? Will it happen?
NadirAhmed    5/16/2004 10:02:55 PM
cordially invites for a dialogue on the topic: Dialogue: Does Islam promote Terrorism? We at have been very active in doing dawa and promoting Islam online, and especially here in Chicago, and have had amazing success, especially after 911. We also make sure that we let people know, that we provide the opportunity for critics on Islam to cross examine our position, and open ourselves up for criticism, and we keep a record of those we approached and those who refused our offer, to provide upon request. We are also interested in others who are willing to open up their views for cross examinination and critique. But of course, if there are no takers, then we can not be blamed. We hope to hear from soon. thanks, Nadir Ahmed
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NewGuy    RE:Dialogue: Does Islam promote Terrorism? Will it happen?   5/17/2004 12:06:25 AM
Nadir -- are you here to advertise your site or to discuss? If to discuss, what specifically are you asking here to discuss? I also point out that this is not the site, so why post that message here?? NewGuy
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Condor Legion    RE:Dialogue: Does Islam promote Terrorism? Will it happen?   5/17/2004 12:53:16 AM
bait. N.ahmed needs a bigger boat. And the Chicago connection is well noted. RENDER, CL.
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