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Subject: Winning the War
BBrad    5/20/2004 3:31:48 AM
This war is not going to be won with guns alone. It is the ideology we must fight not just those doing the fighting. Islamic extremists claim they are following Mohammed’s example. What can we do? First, we must find rebuttals that specifically address all the arguments which Islamic extremists use regarding terrorism. The ideal rebuttal would be one which lists all the arguments for terrorism which are based on verses in the Quran, Hadith and early biographies about Mohammed (as fundamentalists regard these texts as sacred), and then counters those arguments using those same respected texts. Only then will the extremists listen. Books written by respected Muslims for Muslims will be most effective. The world might have been a different place today if those involved in the September 11 attacks had of read such rebuttals while they were still moderate Muslims. The lifeblood of Islamic terrorism is the type of propaganda that encourages Muslims to fight in order to spread the domain of Islam. Without recruits terrorist organizations will eventually collapse. (Books have been written which claim Islam is a peace loving religion. However, in order to refute the arguments extremists use, a book ought to argue the extremists case as solidly as they themselves argue it and then show from the texts which they regard as sacred that they have got it wrong, if that is the case. Unfortunately, I have found no such books.) Second, we can treat Muslims as equals and encourage Muslims to treat non-Muslims in Islamic countries as equals. (Fundamentalists have gained a foothold in many parts of the world.) The PBS video "A Class Divided" by Front-line might help some to understand how non-Muslims must feel in places like Pakistan. We must not use a double standard when comparing the Islamic world to the rest of the world. The "Open Letter to Muslims" encourages Muslims to take a step in the right direction. Third, we must allow freedom of speech and speak the truth in order to condemn that, which should be condemned. We must not silence the moral voices within our society. History has shown that to do so signals the collapse of a society. --- In regards to the propaganda war because some of the things which are done in the name of Islam are so horrible that they refuse to show them on television. That has to change otherwise more and more people are going to think that America and the west are the baddies and the terrorists are the victims. There needs to be late night shows (say 11 p.m.) which are heavily advertisec showing the worst of the worst atrocities in the Islamic world sparing none of the graphic details. (eg. women getting stone, men having their head cut off etc.) This will increase public support for the fight against terrorism and it will help people to understand that this is a war which has to be won (unless of course they wish to live under Islamic law in which they will have to pay more tax than Muslims and there testimony will be inferior in a court of law to that of a Muslims along with the many other injustices of the Sharia). The people who fight to spread the boundaries of the Sharia are not freedom fighters but freedom destroyers. We could loose this war if we don't start getting serious.
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SGTObvious    RE:Winning the War   5/20/2004 10:05:55 AM
There is only one force that can effectively fight the ideological war against fundamentalist Islam. That is moderate muslims. So far, most of them have been content to quietly tolerate, accept, or even defend or support the extremists. This will blow up in their faces. Even the "moderate" Saudis are learning that the room in the middle is shrinking. If you allow an imam to teach young people that blowing himself up to kill Israeli children is a Good Thing, sooner or later, he will decide that if that terror is justified, so is any other terror aimed at anyone he hates.
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American Kafir    RE:Winning the War   5/20/2004 12:01:45 PM
I don't recall any historical efforts to reach out to "moderate" Nazis or "moderate" Communists when we sought to defeat those evil ideologies. Less talk. More bombs.
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ilpars    RE:Winning the War - AK   5/20/2004 12:19:44 PM
I recall that Western allies several times tried to negotiate with Germans commanders to arrange Hitler's assasination. Even Rommel was involved in 1 and ordered to commit suicide by Hitler for that. At the end of cold war Nato reached out to Comminists to end Cold war.
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American Kafir    RE:Winning the War - AK   5/20/2004 12:32:55 PM
>>I recall that Western allies several times tried to negotiate with Germans commanders to arrange Hitler's assasination. Even Rommel was involved in 1 and ordered to commit suicide by Hitler for that.<< But at the same time, we were bombing the sh*t out of the Nazis. >>At the end of cold war Nato reached out to Comminists to end Cold war<< We made sure the Soviet Union was economically ruined and incapable of surviving a conventional or nuclear war first. But most importantly, we let both know they were the enemy and that we would not tolerate them existing on our planet.
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BBrad    RE:Winning the War - AK   5/20/2004 7:52:46 PM
The point is being missed. By challenging moderate Muslims to do this we are dividing the Islamic world. It is merely a challenge to them to show their hand. Governments need to challenge moderate Muslims with the challenge at the beginning of this discussion. I'm not saying that they can successfully counter the arguements of the extremists from their most respected texts. I think they would fail in the attempt. But if that challenge was public and the moderates failed in the attempt then we could get serious about this war.
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