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Subject: Don't Worry, Be Happy - we ONLY Kill Non-Muslims.
swhitebull    6/8/2004 1:37:02 PM
Eye-Witness accounts of the recent Saudi Khobar attacks: Is this anyway to run a jihad ? - "What kind of a jihad is this?" Comment after no Americans were killed in the attack on the Saudi police station. From Daniel Pipes : "Don't Worry, We Don't Kill Muslims" By Daniel Pipes | June 8, 2004 After an Islamist rampage in the Saudi town of Khobar on May 29-30 that ended in the death of twenty-two persons, survivors of that atrocity have recounted how the terrorists went to great lengths to ensure that they would kill only non-Muslims. Their actions raise a delicate but urgent issue: how might non-Muslims best protect themselves if caught in such a situation? Even as the massacre was underway, the terrorists took pains to distinguish Muslims from non-Muslims. Here are some of the survivors’ testimonies: Hazem Al-Damen, Muslim, Jordanian: two terrorists knocked on his door and asked him and others hiding whether they were “Muslims or Christians.” On hearing “Muslims,” the assailants told them to stay in the room because their purpose was to rid the country of Americans and Europeans. Abu Hashem, 45, Muslim, an Iraqi-American engineer (also called “Mike” in some accounts): The terrorists demanded his residency card, which documented his religion (Muslim) and nationality (American). That combination provoked an argument between two terrorists. “He’s an American, we should shoot him,” said one. “We don’t shoot Muslims,” replied the other. The two went back and forth until the latter decided it: “Don’t be afraid. We won’t kill Muslims, even if you are an American.” With this decision, the terrorists turned polite, even apologizing for breaking into Abu Hashem’s home, searching it, and leaving blood stains on his carpet. Abdul Salam al-Hakawati, 38, Muslim, a Lebanese corporate financial officer: He and his family hid upstairs in their house after hearing gunfire. Downstairs, they heard the terrorists break in and rummage around before one apparently noticed framed Koranic verses on the wall and announced to the others, “This is a Muslim house.” When a heavily armed terrorist came upstairs, Al-Hakawati confirmed his identity by greeting the assailant with “Assalamu ‘Alaykum,” the Muslim greeting. Nizar Hajazeen, Christian, a Jordanian software businessmen: He hid with another Jordanian in a room but they opened the door when two armed young men banged violently on it. The terrorists asked the identity of the Jordanians, Arab or Westerners. “We’re Arab,” came the response. Each was then asked, “A Christian or a Muslim?” Both claimed to be Muslims and showed a Koran as proof. Taking care to kill only non-Muslims appears to be in response to widespread Saudi criticism of Islamist terrorism directed against Muslims; Saudis seem to agree that murder is a tool suitably directed only against non-Muslims, as two quotes suggest: Abdelaziz Raikhan, a maintenance man for the Saudi security forces, responded to the suicide bombing of a police headquarters in Riyadh that killed 5 people and wounded 148 on April 21, accusing the perpetrators of being “mentally ill. … There’s not one American in this entire area. Not one! What kind of jihad is this?” Mohsen al-Awaji, a Saudi lawyer, suggests that terrorists should be encouraged by the authorities to go to the many “occupied territories that require resistance,” such as in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Palestinian Authority, and Chechnya. “If someone decides to go, we wish him luck. He’s going to die anyway, so let him die there while achieving something, not die here and kill innocents with him.” Nor is this the first time Islamists have specifically targeted infidels. In Malaysia in 2000, for example, jihadists purposefully killed two non-Muslim hostages and spared two others, both Muslims. In Pakistan in 2002, a police chief noted killers “took a good fifteen minutes in segregating the Christians and making sure that each one of their targets gets the most horrific death.” The murderers separated Christians from Muslims by requiring each hostage to recite a verse from the Koran. Those who could not were shot. In all these cases, non-Muslims facing jihadists could have saved themselves by passing as Muslims. There are several ways they could have done this. They might have greeted their potential murderers with Assalamu ‘alaykum (which, ironically, means “peace be with you”). They might have recited in Arabic the Shahada, the Islamic statement of faith. Or they might have recited in Arabic the first sura (chapter) of the Koran, the essential prayer of Islam called the Fatiha (“Opening”). In the past, such knowledge would have saved lives. It could probably do so again in the future. Daniel Pipes () is director of the Middle East Forum and author of Miniatures (Transaction Publishers). Special feature, PLEASE NOTE: the m
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tank    RE:Don't Worry, Be Happy - we ONLY Kill Non-Muslims.    6/8/2004 2:01:33 PM
It is amazing to me you do not hear these stories in the mainstream media.I might think this might be story say for bbc,nbc,cbs.WELL I guess it is more important to tell the story on kerry stalling the nomination to receive more money.I just do not get the media.
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American Kafir    RE:Don't Worry, Be Happy - we ONLY Kill Non-Muslims.    6/8/2004 9:37:57 PM
What is this crap? Terrorists won't kill you if you can pretend to be Muslim? I've a better idea. Why not kill people who ask if you're a Muslim?
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Elbandeedo    RE:Don't Worry, Be Happy - we ONLY Kill Non-Muslims.    6/10/2004 9:50:08 AM
I could live with having a few arabic qu'uranic verses hanging around the house, and even qu'uran. Yeah, subterfuge, camoflage, and "window dressing" are all good and well. But if asked, "Muslims or Christian?", I'd have to reply by handing the person asking the question a fragmentation grenade, pin pulled, then slam and bolt the door... Although the beauty of allowing Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson answer for me is also something to behold... E. Dead terrorists don't hurt anybody
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ilpars    To be Muslim is not always enough against fundementalists.    6/10/2004 10:23:55 AM
Saudis declared Jihad twice against Turks in their history. First one is at 1790's in which ironically they raided all 3 holy cities of Islam (Mekka, Medina and Karbela). At that period Ottomans were in a series of wars against European powers and therefore could never send troops from regular army to stop them. At 1820, semi-independent governor of Egypt Muhammed Ali (He previously defeated Britain at 1807 and later at 1830's he would defeat the Ottoman Empire) brought his European-styled private army to Arabia and in a 10 years war broke Saudi power. Saudis could not gain power till 20th century. 2nd was at WW1. Bribed and armed by Britain Saudis declared Jihad against Turks. They killed every unarmed Turk they had found in Arabistan and Syria. Their favourite "battlefield" tactics was blowing up a train's locomotive by a set-up bomb and masacrating everyone in the crashed train or making surprise attacks to Turkish field hospitals. Showing a Saudi as a typical Muslim is something like showing SS soldiers as typical Christians.
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On Watch    If a muslim comes to your door Lock & Load...    6/10/2004 11:50:31 AM
>>Showing a Saudi as a typical Muslim is something like showing SS soldiers as typical Christians. --ilpars<< MORE ACCURATE: Showing a Saudi as a typical Muslim is something like showing SS soldiers as typical Nazis. On Watch
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TriggaFingaz    Look at my link   6/10/2004 4:18:49 PM
I've posted a MEMRI link on the barely used Saudi Arabia thread, TWICE Saudi crown princes blame 'Zionists' for Yanbu and Khobar!!! What gives??? Can't accept that their pets (Monsteres bred by hate-teaching madrassas) are turning on them???
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TriggaFingaz    My fate if caught   6/10/2004 4:21:03 PM
So I guess if I got taken hostage by those jihadis, I'm dead meat coz I'm Buddhist (not even a strict one) becoz Singapore arrested 21 JI conspirators or Thailand is opposed to separatist jihadis in its south.
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Condor Legion    RE:My fate if caught   6/16/2004 12:07:24 AM
Anybody knockin on my door with that question is gonna be counting raisins. QUICKLY, CL.
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sentinel28a    RE:My fate if caught   6/18/2004 5:50:33 AM
I don't know, Trigga. I don't think the Koran mentions Buddhism. Of course, that might be additional incentive for them to blow you away. I plan on finding the Koranic verse that lists that other People of the Book should be treated with respect and mercy. Failing that, I'll throw some Latin at them. While they're figuring out what "Kyrie Elesion" means, I'll be either going out the back door or loading my shotgun. I could also try telling them that I have relatives in the IRA, and they shouldn't kill me out of professional courtesy.
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Elbandeedo    RE:Don't Worry, Be Happy - we ONLY Kill Non-Muslims - but will this count   6/28/2004 12:39:15 PM
...for the Marine the jihadis in Iraq have captured? He is a muslim. Read the articles in the press, as his family calls for their gods protection on him. Personally I think the jihadis have just opened a can o' whoop-butt they didn't really want. 1. They are about to kill (I'm sure they will do so, they are butchers, murderers, thugs, mugs, and whackos.)a United States Marine. The Marines are NOT people you want ticked off at you. They are a much tighter brotherhood than any other American service, with the possible exception of Special Ops forces. 2. He's a muslim, and apparently a practicing muslim. If they murder a muslim brother, won't the rest of the world, speaking to those places who still have not sided with America on the WoT, now see the jihadis for their true nature? They can make excuses for going against islamic teachings on murder and desecration of bodies as long as they are not muslims and most muslims don't jump up and down in righteous indignation at it. I think the uhma might just rise up in rage and disgust if they see this young man murdered, since he is one of their own. E.
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