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Subject: Novels/Books/Films on Terrorism
PuckaMan    7/6/2004 9:21:53 AM
What are some recommendations on books and films that deal with terrorism, the issues etc. surrounding it - not Rambo/Will Smith type kill 'em all. A first couple that spring to mind: 1. The Siege (Film, 1998) - Intelligent yet chillingly close to 9/11 style - Islamic terrorist who are demanding the release of a Cleric in US cpativity stage a bombing campaign in New York, bringing about paranoia and the collapse of justice and rule of law. (Martial law is a clear sign of that, also, sorry to anyone who already knows this) 2. 'The Dancer Upstairs' Novel by Nicholas Shakespeare, made into a film by John Malkovich. A fictional account of a police officer's hunt for the Head of Shining Path, Maoist terroists who wages a brutal and bloody campaign (30,000 deaths attributed to them) throughout the 1980s into the early 90s, when the leader was caught in Lima, hiding in an apartment above a ballet teacher's studio. He was a philosophy professor who upon his capture, told the Peruvian authorities everything about his groups, names, locations etc. He (as far as I know) still rots in prison today....... Read this or at least see the film. I loved both. These are just a couple, add and debate as you wish. Pucka
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sentinel28a    RE:The films/books about terrorism according to AK   7/18/2004 5:33:21 AM
Now hold on, Ilpars! Some of those books are clearly about terrorists! Winnie the Pooh: clearly, Tigger is a terrorist. And don't get me started on that gopher who always wants to blow crap up. Peanuts: Lucy Van Pelt. Classic Hoffer-style example of bored rich kid who will grow up to be a terrorist mastermind. Look at what she does to her own little brother and to Charlie Brown! Also, I suspect the Stupid Cat Next Door is a terrorist. He destroys everything in his path. Spiderman: Spidey has fought plenty of terrorists in his time. Okay, it's late and I'm clearly being silly. Though I do have an issue of Spidey where Black Tom Cassidy (IRA terrorist) and Juggernaut almost destroy the World Trade Center. It was kind of kewl back in 1990. Not so much now.
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Condor Legion    RE:books about terrorism   7/19/2004 10:12:33 PM
Actually the woman who did the voice of Lucy Van Pelt for the animated Charlie Brown cartoons is now a radical PETA/Animal Rights nutcase with a penchant for stalking and harrasment. But that's beside the point. === um, this list is rather incomplete and in no particular order, just what's currently sitting right above my desk at the moment. I'm not going to add any opinions and I'm sure there is going to be at least some overlap with previous posters as well as repeats of books I've already mentioned here before. I'm also not going to mention even one movie, film, or documentary on the subject. If it's on film, it cannot tell the whole story. === Black September - by Christopher Dobson - Macmillan 1974. Inside the Arab World - by Michael Field - Harvard Press 1994. Among the Belivers - by V.S. Naipaul - Vintage 1982. Bin Laden - by Yossef Bodansky - Forum Prima 2001. Terror in the Mind of God - by Mark Jurgansmeyer - University of California Press 2001. Unholy War - by John Esposito - Oxford Press 2002. Holy War Inc - by Peter Bergen - Free Press 2001. Terror in the Name of God - by Jessica Stern - Harper Collins 2003. Brothers in Blood - by Ovid Demaris - Scribners 1977. === I have the good fortune to live within walking distance of two very good used bookstores. Both of which are run by former spooks. KNOWING THINE ENEMIES, CL.
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