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Subject: The FBI's War on Islamic Terrorism - Awarding the Terrorists
swhitebull    7/6/2004 10:08:57 AM
Article from Daniel Pipes: Federal Bureau of Islamists By Daniel Pipes | July 6, 2004 It’s time to worry when the Federal Bureau of Investigation, America’s national police agency, consistently cannot figure out who’s friend and who’s foe in the War on Terror. The bureau’s record of honoring the wrong American Muslims captures this problem. · In February 2001, it promoted Gamal Abdel-Hafiz, a special agent who rejected a counterterror assignment on the grounds that “a Muslim does not record another Muslim.” · In May 2002, FBI Director Robert Mueller had his spokesman call the American Muslim Council “the most mainstream Muslim group in the United States,” despite its record of helping fund-raise for terrorism. Today, the AMC’s long-time leader sits in jail and the organization is virtually defunct. · In September 2003, the FBI nearly bestowed its Exceptional Public Service Award on Imad Hamad of Detroit, saved from this embarrassment by columnist Debbie Schlussel, who exposed Hamad in the New York Post as someone who “supports terrorism and [who] was himself a suspected terrorist.” A few weeks ago, the bureau did it again, honoring Marwan Kreidie, a Philadelphia activist, with its Community Leadership Award for his being “very helpful to the FBI office,” and specifically for his efforts “in identifying, preventing & disrupting acts of terrorism.” Celebrating Kreidie raises deep concerns about the FBI’s continuing inability to understand the war it is fighting. First, Kreidie has repeatedly damned counterterrorist measures and to my knowledge has never approved a single one. He: · Condemned interviewing about 5,000 male noncitizens who had arrived on temporary visas from countries hosting active terrorist cells as indicative of “sloppy police work” and “ridiculous.” · Was “appalled” by measures requiring some arriving foreigners to provide fingerprints, photographs, and details about their travel plans. “For me as an American citizen, it’s frightening.” · Furiously compared the Terrorism Information and Prevention System (TIPS), “a national system for concerned workers to report suspicious activity,” to the notorious Stasi secret police in East Germany. · Opposed the USA PATRIOT Act, saying that it created an “open [hunting] season” on Arabs and Muslims. · Indignantly renounced the government’s offer to reward “reliable and useful” information about terrorists with a fast track to U.S. citizenship: “It’s bribery and it’s disgusting.” · Decried the focus on deporting illegal aliens in the United States from Arab and Muslim countries – the source of nearly all the terrorism in the United States – as “biased.” · Denounced FBI interviews of Iraqi immigrants, saying it had “zero” chances of turning up useful information. More broadly, Kreidie rejects law-enforcement counterterrorist efforts as “massive intrusions on civil liberties” that “enraged” Arab and Muslim Americans. He even characterized anti-terrorism efforts as “unconstitutional.” Second, Kreidie viciously attacks the Bush administration. He condemned what he called the “assaults on human rights mounted by President Bush and his Attorney General, John Ashcroft.” He accused President George W. Bush of “a litany of anti-Arab and Muslim actions.” He on one occasion referred to the attorney general (who, among his other jobs, oversees the FBI) as “that lunatic Ashcroft.” Third, Kreidie denies American Muslims have anything to do with terrorism. “Nobody in my community supports Osama,” he has announced, thereby in advance exonerating Muslims of connections to Al-Qaeda and making one wonder how much help he can provide the FBI. After the U.S. president personally signed the papers to close down the Holy Land Foundation, an Islamic “charity,” and the treasury secretary described it as an organization that “exists to raise money in the United States to promote terror,” Kreidie insisted on the foundation being a legitimate charitable organization. When Pennsylvania State Treasurer Barbara Hafer suspected that $210,000 stolen by individuals with Arabic names could be connected to terrorism, Kreidie jumped on her statement as baseless and inflammatory. Summing up his whole outlook, Kreidie has said that for American Arabs and Muslims, working with the FBI is “a waste of time.” How, then, did this anti-counterterrorism, anti-Bush, anti-Ashcroft, anti-FBI figure exactly help in “identifying, preventing & disrupting acts of terrorism”? Presented with this record of Kreidie’s remarks, the Philadelphia FBI office declined to comment. When a leading law enforcement agency like the FBI is so politically exposed that it rewards those who attack it, winning the war on terror appears increasingly remote. The police need to do their work and not hobble themselves by honoring their opponents. Daniel Pipes () is director of the Middle East swhitebull
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NewGuy    RE:The FBI's War on Islamic Terrorism - Awarding the Terrorists   7/6/2004 11:17:14 AM
A rather sad record on the part of the FBI...but, you dont have to go far from home for such behavior: There are those on this very board who will decry us for putting the word 'Muslim' together in the same sentence with 'terrorist'. To those I say this: reality always trumps PC. NewGuy
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ilpars    RE:The FBI's War on Islamic Terrorism - NewGuy   7/6/2004 11:26:41 AM
What is PC? You can put Muslim with terorist in the same sentence. Such as "Muslim terrorists are by being in the act of terrorism are against their own religion." Then you will see the real decry. Reality is not always easily seen. Sometimes we have to look from a different angle. And how your post related to swhitebull's?
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swhitebull    RE:The FBI's War on Islamic Terrorism - Ilpars   7/6/2004 11:37:34 AM
..What is PC?.. PC stands for "politically correct", intended as a way not to hurt an alleged victim's (or, actually, the perpetrator of the deed that caused the victim in the first place) feelings. It is not in sync with the multicultural relativism movement that is ingrained on our college campuses, and wends its ways thru layers and layers of politically - and not - reality-based laws and pronouncemnts by politicians. So to say that, for example - Ethnic group "A" causes 70% of the crime in this country" is NOT politically-correct, even though that might be the case, since it hurts that ethnic communities "feelings". Regardless of the veracity of the statement. You just cant say it, since it's politically wrong to tell the truth. Same with President Bush - he continues, in his speeches, to call this a war on Terror. He is being politically correct - or PC - because he is either unable or unwilling to label those who perpetrate terror - Islamic Fundamentalists - for waht they are. Too many religigious and ethnic groups would be "offended" for saying it. Bottom line - the attack on the world trade center wasnt conducted by 87 year old grandma types from Minnesota, with blue-dyed hair and arthritis. They were Islamic fundamentalists, saudi and yemeni arabs, for the most part. Just cant say that, for fear of offending whomever. swhitebull
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ilpars    RE:The FBI's War on Islamic Terrorism - Ilpars   7/6/2004 11:41:30 AM
Well, it is far better than to treat all muslims as supporters of terrorism.
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ilpars    RE:The FBI's War on Islamic Terrorism - Ilpars   7/6/2004 11:59:48 AM
To clarify myself. I generally like Bush. But he made some serious mistakes. By not clarifying the question who is the enemy; he made some culturalists to think that his admininistration sees Islam as the enemy. Even after his many speeches saying he is not seeing Islam as enemy. He did not prove that Iraq had WMD before he attacked. I believe that Iraq had them. But now every proof found are in suspect because it is over 1 year of invasion. His denial to admit France and Russia as major powers led this 2 countries opposition at UN. I can go on. In short all of this mess that we call Iraq today is mostly his responsibility for the good and for the bad. But he is a talented man. He can still pull a victory at Iraq like he did at Afghanistan.
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Vapid    RE:The FBI's War on Islamic Terrorism - Ilpars   7/17/2004 8:23:36 AM
Ridiculous—President Bush has made it quite clear that this is a war against terrorism and those who support it. You want the quote(s)? I can get it. Personally I could give a flip less what more of a definition the culturalist want. The problem lies with the media, President Bush has been very clear about who the enemy is. If it has become muddled since then it is because all those PC types.
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Vapid    RE:The FBI's War on Islamic Terrorism - swb   7/17/2004 8:32:52 AM
SWB--Same with President Bush - he continues, in his speeches, to call this a war on Terror. He is being politically correct - or PC - because he is either unable or unwilling to label those who perpetrate terror - Islamic Fundamentalists - for waht they are. Could it be that he also doesn't want to paint himself in a corner about exactly who the enemy is? I mean it could restrict further military operaions and it would give the left in this country ammunition to call him a racist? Just a Thought
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sentinel28a    RE:The FBI's War on Islamic Terrorism - Ilpars   7/18/2004 5:41:48 AM
I'm generally on the same side as you, Ilpars, in that certainly not all Muslims are terrorists, and indeed Osama is the worst traitor to Islam in its history. But I disagree with you on two points. One, Bush has bent over backwards to emphasize that the WOT is exactly that, not a WOI (War On Islam). Just how far does the man have to go to prove it? Second, his opposition to France and Russia was valid, especially in regards to those countries' close ties to Saddam. He wasn't willing to kiss their ass, which deeply offended Chirac, who apparently has fallen into the Gaullist trap of Must Have Ass Kissed Daily. (Certainly Charles de Gaulle needed his done regularly.) I hate saying it, but at least 75% of the attacks on Americans at home and overseas that are regarded as terrorism has been committed by young, Arab, supposedly Muslim men. That's not being non-PC, that's cold fact. That's why I'm starting to go more and more for racial profiling.
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