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Subject: look what you can get on ebay
citybilly    7/19/2004 3:37:09 PM I WILL NOT SELL TO TERRORISTS ! ahh yeah
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On Watch    Achtung, Polizei?    7/19/2004 5:06:51 PM
40,000 RPM, Holy Man -- Now wouldn't my old Prof in Micro' love to have had that contraption in his Lab! The ol'boy nearly started bawling when they installed his new autoclave....On the "Terrorist" issue: I suppose just about anything is "Dual-Use" these days, even a book of matches and a glass of milk. One would hope that the sellers do verify to whom they're selling lab apparatus but the fact is that this small-time lab equipment is available to almost anyone anywhere, with the small-change to pay for it. ON Watch - Let's Roll
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chemist    RE:Achtung, Polizei?    7/19/2004 10:54:45 PM
Ya know, there are lots of reputable second hand dealers in lab gear. I don't understand why anyone would put this up on ebay. It seems really dumb. Maybe you should let this lot be known to the 'proper' authorities OW.
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Elbandeedo    RE:Achtung, Polizei?    7/21/2004 12:19:11 PM
of course, clever authorities, hoping to catch someone who hopes to elude official notice... nahhh never mind. ;-) E.
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chemist    RE:Achtung, Polizei?    7/21/2004 2:41:22 PM
It just seems so wrong though. It's an enticing piece of bait, I guess.
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