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Subject: Jihadis gleefully pour scorn on the bereaved
TriggaFingaz    8/5/2004 4:08:19 PM Are such vicious personal attacks on bereaved victims of the jihad a new precedent? I hope Paul Johnston's widow does not ever see this text monstrosity. Note how the letter writer tries to project blame onto the victim for their sick actions. The writer betrays their immense arrogance when they insist that the (hopefully) mangled bodies of their fellow vermin are returned to them with what amounts to battle honours. Imagine a rapist demanding compensation from the victim for any bruises and scratches sustained in the attack. If anyone had any doubts about our enemy's humanity-deficiency syndrome, look no further.
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American Kafir    RE:Jihadis gleefully pour scorn on the bereaved   8/5/2004 4:20:03 PM
>>It should be noted that whereas the headline states that the letter is by the wife of one of the martyrs and the phrase "my husband" occurs 6 times in the letter, at the end of the letter there is a byline stating, "by the martyr's mother."<< Imagine, if you will, that this does not imply an incestuous relationship between the terrorist and his mother. You'd be wrong.
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TriggaFingaz    Well observed   8/5/2004 4:45:23 PM
Thanks for pointing that out AK. I also noticed the inconsistency. Either the writer has some relationship confusion, or they're literal mutha*****s.
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On Watch    Mans best friend   8/5/2004 7:09:25 PM
'The Blood of Your Husband is the Blood of a Dog' This jihadi's phrase too speaks volumes about the Islamist! In truth, Dogs are clearly the more highly evolved of the two. On Watch
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TriggaFingaz    To On Watch   8/8/2004 6:44:26 AM
I concur. Dogs don't chop off other dog's heads to keep in the freezer.
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