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Subject: A new chemical weapon for terrorists ?
Alexis    9/1/2004 10:19:16 AM (in French) Excerpts (my translation) : <<>> Bruguière has maximum credibility as far as terrorism is concerned. He has been active in this field for more than a decade, during the waves of Islamist terrorism attacks of the 1990s. There is every reason to believe what he said. I'm wondering what that "new chemical weapon" is.
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Alexis    The rest of the first message ! - to All   9/1/2004 10:21:41 AM
Here is the rest of the translation I proposed : "A major attack with chemical weapon that would have targeted the Parisian subway was prevented in december 2002 by French authorities, said yesterday the antiterrorism specialized judge Jean-Louis Bruguière. «We stopped end december 2002 an attempt at major terrorist attack that would probably have targeted the Paris subway and other targets with a new chemical weapon», he said during a conference. «Had we not succeeded in acting and dismantling that network, I think we would have had in France more fatalities than in Madrid on March 11th 2004», he added. " ... sorry for the little problem with the first post ...
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