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Subject: The Terrorists strike again
american in Italy    9/8/2004 6:06:47 AM
Last night I hear 2 innocent Italian women who were in Iraq only to help the poor kids were taken hostage. why are these people risking their lives to help these people. You cant stay in a hostile place even to help and expect to not get harmed, then they (the Italian Media) blames not the hostages, not the Islamic Terrorists but the US and its silly War for their capture. Its really revolting to watch the news warp so many minds. they get the panel of experts in to talk all at once about how and why, mean while they have their heads so far up there rears they cant look at the fact that Islamic terrorists exsited before our war in Iraq, and will exsit until all non Islamic followers are dead or their slave, which is where we are heading if we dont do somthing about it. Like the war in Iraq.
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