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Subject: Terrorism, Drugs and Virgins
giblets    9/9/2004 6:28:21 AM
Reading an interesting article of late, firstly suggesting that most of the suicide bombers are on ecstacy (MDMA), supplied by none other than the Saudi Royal Family Suicide bombers throughout the Middle East are often given Ecstasy by their handlers, to help inspire them with the fervour required to blow themselves up. After the Saudi bombings this summer, the US ordered a crackdown, and the Saudi authorities traced the bombers’ Ecstasy to a batch shipped into the country by a member of the Saudi royal family, based in London. The prince has been recalled to Saudi Arabia, and has not been heard from since. The other more amusing part is concerning these vines perhaps: Suicide bombers are told that their sacrifice will be rewarded in heaven, because the Koran suggests that martyrs get to have sex with 72 virgins. However, an eminent Islamic scholar suggests this is a mistranslation from the Koran of the word “Houri” as Virgin. He's traced the word back to its original Arabic root and says it means grape - or wine. So, even if the Koran is completely correct, the suicide bombers will arrive in heaven to discover that they have slaughtered innocent people in exchange for a couple of chardonnays.
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giblets    Wrap it up to protect it!   9/16/2004 5:29:32 AM
This week I can add that male suicide bombers also wrap their penises in white cotton before going on their missions. Apparently, they believe that this will protect their fundamentalist wangers from the blast, and preserve them, clean and intact, ready for the 70 virgins in heaven.
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