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Subject: For the War in Iraq AND For Terrorism against Russia
Alexis    9/10/2004 10:00:42 AM,3604,1299318,00.html "The Chechens' American friends The Washington neocons' commitment to the war on terror evaporates in Chechnya, whose cause they have made their own" Surprised ? See the list of members of the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya (ACPC) : They include Richard Perle (former Pentagon advise), Midge Decter (a director of the Heritage Foundation), Frank Gaffney of (Centre for Security Policy), Bruce Jackson (one-time vice-president of Lockheed Martin, now president of the US Committee on Nato), Michael Ledeen (American Enterprise Institute), James Woolsey (former CIA director), Alexander Haig, William Kristol, Norman Podhoretz, Caspar Weinberger ... all of that unsurprisingly chaired by former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, as anti-Russian as ever. Interesting, isn't it ? Things are a bit more complicated than they're supposed to be ... and Putin may have been right in denouncing the support of some Western countries to terrorist movements in Chechnya.
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Big Bad Pariah    RE:For the War in Iraq AND For Terrorism against Russia   9/10/2004 12:09:14 PM
Zbigniew Brzezinski's involvement is indeed interesting.
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