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Subject: The rewards of French appeasement
TriggaFingaz    9/17/2004 6:15:16 PM
France, and indeed many others, has just found out the hard way that having a pro-Arab, anti-Iraq war outlook that hobbles the US will NOT earn the affections of Islamic terrorists who demand complete compliance and subservience to what they see as the Islamic will (quoted fromf [[Journalists' Iraqi captors say France is "enemy of Muslims" Dhimmitude is a total commitment, you see. It isn't enough to accomodate in all other matters and then deviate on this little problem of the headscarf. From AFP <\>, with thanks to Ali Dashti: DUBAI (AFP) - The Islamic Army of Iraq, which is holding two French journalists hostage, said that France is an "enemy of Muslims," in a statement on a website that gave no details on the fate of the captives. The statement, carried on, cited France with a list of "crimes" that France had allegedly carried out against numerous Muslim countries. "France has distinguished itself for its war against Islam and Muslims and has committed butchery against the nation," said the statement, whose authenticity could not be verified. "France's history with Muslims is a black one, blemished by hatred and malice and blood. Its modern history is no less so that in the past," the statement added, calling on the "Islamic nation to unite against its enemies," such as France. It accused France of "playing a principle role in blocking Muslims from taking power in Algeria after their victory" in 1992 legislative elections. It said French prisons are "full of Muslims" being held in the name of the fight against terrorism, while denoucing continuing French support for the "Zionist entity" (Israel) and its "war against the symbols of Islam, such as the headscarf" for women. The French journalists Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot, along with their Syrian driver, were kidnapped on August 20. The hostage-takers initially demanded that Paris rescind its ban on the wearing of Islamic headscarves and other "conspicuous" religious insignia in state schools, but the law went into effect on September 2 as planned. ]] So, Islamist pukes are still going to denounce France as 'Zionist' or 'anti-Islamic' becoz it fought against nationalist, non Islamist (and savage) rebels in 1960s Algeria who happened to be Muslim. I suppose the Iraqi based terrorists will claim that since France did not allow the Marseille hijackers of 1994 to carry out their plans, that earns them a pair of kidnapped reporters. Next, they will regard modern France as the enemy becoz Napoleon invaded Egypt in 1882!!!! When will the appeasement brigade learn that Islamists will find ANY excuse to justify their crimes? In the Islamist mindset, the unbeliever does not have the right to defend his interests against a Muslim claim or attack- the victim is supposed to drop to their knees and subserviently beg for more blows.
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Omnione    RE:The rewards of French appeasement   9/18/2004 11:38:11 PM
i don't want to get kicked of the board for saying something to dramatic but can we move all the Muslims out of the USA if the threaten us and dn't help us make our contry safe for all religous people?
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