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Subject: Freed Danish Gitmo prisoner gives interview
Thomas    9/27/2004 10:48:20 AM
In a TV broadcast the not proven terrorist caught in Afghanistan has justified attacks on the leading danish politicians, because they are infidels fighting muslims. How is that for gratitude! It seems like danish extradition policies do give us trouble: We have egyptian terrorist, that we cannot extradite, because they will face the death penalty. We ask for a psycopathic murderer to be extradited from the US (the yanks were happy to get rid of him, so they did not ask to many questions), hardly has he landed before he slaughters his prostitute girlfriend and her 2 children - the bodies have not been recovered - even partly. One thing is that we have totreat vermin nicely in this country; but do we HAVE to dig them up from under every where they have slithered and reimport them?? This defies credulity.
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NewGuy    RE:Freed Danish Gitmo prisoner gives interview   9/27/2004 8:38:50 PM
Thomas, I can sympathise with you: Recently I was discussing crime and punishment with a friend of mine from the UK (I'm an American) and I was mildly surprised at how lax typical sentences in the UK were for many crimes as compared to those in my nation. I believe this this trend of considerably less harsh punishment is similar in many European nations, although I admit am going from vague memories not fresh statistics on this. NewGuy
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Thomas    RE:Freed Danish Gitmo prisoner gives interview   10/1/2004 3:19:57 AM
Hot news. Danish dailies report that police intelligence have had a talk with the subject. He has volunteredly deposited his passport and agreed to button up. The genral feeling is giving the subject the return part of the ticket to Gitmo. True. European courts are milder in meeting out punishment - I don't think the burden of proof is any different though. But my contentions was: One thing is being easygoing, another matter is being an idiot.
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imperia    RE:Freed Danish Gitmo prisoner gives interview   12/29/2004 7:24:12 AM
***In a TV broadcast the not proven terrorist caught in Afghanistan has justified attacks on the leading danish politicians, because they are infidels fighting muslims.*** has he explained what was he doing in Afghanistan? In 2001 Afghanistan was not exactly the most wanted spot on this planet tourists.
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Thomas    imperia    12/30/2004 5:23:46 AM
Right on: That was the strange part, he was remarkably tacit about that!!!!!
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imperia    RE:imperia    12/30/2004 3:08:16 PM
Of coruse not. Why should he? This is the problem with us in Europe. The journalists (and sadly to say even much of the public) are more than keen to ask such person how was he treated by the Americans in a jail, were his human rights (?!?) violated et cetera. But no one would dare or came to think to ask him "what the hell was he doing in such a dangerous country as Afghanistan at the first place". Picking mushrooms? Sunshining on Afghan coast? Collecting mines? Selling ladies parfumes? :)
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PlatypusMaximus    RE:imperia    12/30/2004 3:16:44 PM
If you are caught fighting on a battlefield without a uniform and from no particular government, 2 slugs in the melon could very well be your punishment. That, by all of our definitions, is due process.
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Thomas    RE:PlatypusMaximus    1/3/2005 7:06:54 AM
It is not due process; but an old police trick: His dearly beloved freinds might have the impression, that in return for his release, he is assisting the police with their inquireries. If he gets the nickname "Motormouth", then I would revoke his life insurence!
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Thomas3    Update   9/11/2005 4:08:59 PM
The police has arrested Saud Mansour and charged him with instigating terrorist acts. The first charged under the 911 anti-terrorlaws in Denmark. He might have thought he got away with murder - I think he has outlived his usefullness as a snitch.
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Thomas    RE:Update   10/17/2005 10:48:02 AM
Saud Mansour is a "publisher" of terrorist propaganda with wide connections - as has been revealed in court. His material was in the flat of the 9-11 bombers in Hamburg. There has been connection to the US. A widely travelled person. Now that is what has come out in court, more interesting stuff might not appear in court.
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Thomas    RE:Update   10/28/2005 10:19:29 AM
The municipal court in Glostrup has incarcered 4 persons of middle eastern extration on the suspicion of terrorism. As the inquiery was held behind doubly closed doors the public has not recieved any further information.
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