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Subject: Homeland security?
mattw    10/8/2004 4:14:56 AM
The other day, I dropped off my friend at the airport and I was somewhat upset at the lack of security. Essentially, the airport is shaped like a numeral 6, where the top would be the entrance/exit and the loop in the six was a loop so that you could stay within the airport by traveling around the circle untill the person you are looking for comes outside, as you are not allowed to leave your vehicle unattended or parked in front of the terminal. What had me upset was that there was no checkpoint on the way in! Not even a guy glancing into slowed cars looking for turbins! I believe in the take it to them strategy, but a little homeland security is also in order. Why create the department if we don't even do the basics?
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ChrisWI    RE:Homeland security?   10/17/2004 1:33:59 PM
Homeland security is a joke, its all geared towards bioterrorism and nukes. The borders are wide open, if a million illegal aliens a year can easily cross the border so can Al Qaeda. The airports are weakly guarded, TSA has a high turnover rate. They need to stop focusing on nukes and bioweapons and go back to the basics.
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