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Subject: Tracking the enemy through orange coveralls
TriggaFingaz    10/9/2004 12:24:34 PM
I don't know if anyone in the investigative and security services has tried this search thread before, and I don not mean to rip anyone off if they have thought of this first. Have the law enforcement and intelligence service hunters of Al Zarqawi's gang of degenerate butchers ever thought of tracking them through where the ORANGE BOILER SUITS go to? Think about it! Only prison authorities in some Western countries use these. I have not seen coveralls of such luminisecent colour in surplus shops- dark brown, blue, black or white seems to be understandably more popular with construction and industrial employees. I believe that the methology to use is to round up all textile firms (whether physical stores or online retailers) and question them about their customers. Which sales of orange coveralls are heading towards the Middle East, particularly Iraq? Which buyers have turned out not to be legitimate prisons and detention agencies but private purchases? Have any prisons in America and elsewhere counted the number of coveralls that may have gone missing from their laundry? This may take months but with the number of hostages being used as media opportunities by jihadi terrorists makes any form of searching worthwhile does it not????
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