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Subject: Baal awaits...
appleciderus    10/27/2004 11:04:05 PM
...with glee, the arrival of his disciple Arafat, for an eternity of vigin-less damnation! (His wife rejoices in Paris with stolen PLF wealth)
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evlstu    RE:Baal awaits...   11/3/2004 5:22:43 AM
Normally, I'm not too vindictive of a person. However, this time I'll make an exception. I hope that IF/WHEN Arafat dies (it doesn't have to be now), he dies slowly and painfully. Maybe (I doubt it) he'll think about all those deaths he's responsible for. Israeli, Arab, and Palistinian.
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appleciderus    RE:Baal awaits...   11/4/2004 1:05:22 PM
Today I understand why I saved the photos of Palestinians dancing in the streets on 9/11. I shall dust them off and place them about to help me rejoice in the death of this sub-human.
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appleciderus    RE:Baal awaits...   11/4/2004 7:14:47 PM
Why is Arafat in a french military hospital? The devil's disciple slips into a coma about the time Kerry calls Bush to concede. Chirac visits during the night. To ask where the money is hidden? To ask where the audiotapes are hidden? To ask where the photos are hidden? How do you say “CYA” in french?
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On Watch    RE:Baal awaits...   11/6/2004 7:23:51 PM
How do you say “CYA” in french? Couvrez votre derriere! Beyond their asses, cash, and other tainted evidence the French now get to 'spin' the dirty lil' bastards death into a legend equal too the LIE they've maintained about his life! If I were the Israeli's[Mossad] I'd see to it that the Tunisian bastard's corpse winds up in the briny deep where Leon Klinghoffer can get his hands on him! If the French choose to fly the dirtbag to Palestine, that plane should meet with an unfortunate air disaster over the Med! On Watch, Let's Roll
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appleciderus    RE:Baal awaits...   11/6/2004 10:52:24 PM
November 16, 2004 CORKY SIEMASZKO DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER ***”A Palenstian diplomat accused the Israelis yesterday of poisoning Yasser Arafat. Arafat's doctor, Ashraf Kurdi, told the Al Jazeera satellite TV network that, "Arafat's health condition makes poisoning a strong possibility."*** So what did Baal’s disciple do? Call a Jewish caterer for a pastrami on rye?
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appleciderus    Aha!   11/8/2004 8:54:37 PM
I was right! Chirac was after the money! News reports claim that Mrs. Arafat has control of as much as one billion dollars in secret accounts. A Palestinian delegation on its way to France needs to know if the fiend is still alive, and where the money is. Is Chirac in Switzerland?
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On Watch    RE:Aha! ...96 tears   11/13/2004 2:27:28 AM
>>News reports claim that Mrs. Arafat has control of as much as one billion dollars in secret accounts. --'ciderUS<< Let's see here, that works out to about 10 million a tear, or did M.Chirac beat her to the Banc?
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PlatypusMaximus    RE:Aha! ...96 tears   11/13/2004 3:10:34 AM
I hope these new coordinates are locked into someones JDAM system, and at the first sign of terrorism eminating from the Ramallah compound, he gets paid the ton of respect he deserves.
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