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Subject: The UBL Show - Tonights Guest Michael Moore
Ashley-the-man    10/31/2004 12:29:40 AM
In listening to the excerpts of the latest UBL drivel it appears that the speach writer just lifted sections from the Farenhite 911 fantasy film and used them to justify his actions. Excuse me, but has the worlds leading terrorist turned to some hack film maker to explain his actions? UBL: Hacheem, please to translate from that infidel film maker FAT BASTARD and prepare for my next speech to disrupt the infidel election and assist the one - ker rie - that in their language means horse face. Hacheem: Oh holy one, I too much enjoyed that film, but the one with FAT BASTARD was in the movie AUSTIN POWERS INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY, and the infidel who made FARENHITE 911 was Michael Moore. UBL: Yes Hacheem, there is little to differentiate these two excessively large and drude infidels. Surely you know of these things, and why are you still here? The laptop is deeper in the cave we now inhabit, unless you were thinking of spending the remainder of the winter in a tent 4000 meters up this mountain and closer to Allah! Hacheem: Oh holy one - consider it done.
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