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Subject: The Beast is dead!!! Rejoice!
appleciderus    11/10/2004 11:15:26 PM
Chirac must have found the money, now estimated to be in excess of $2 billion. I wonder how long they kept the bastard alive looking for the money? Where is that sack of candy I've been saving? You know, to throw in the street for the celebrating children. A little music please....
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WinsettZ    RE:The Beast is dead!!! Rejoice!   11/11/2004 12:08:04 AM
*plays Pomp and Circumstance* Normally one respects the dead, but Arafat's PLO promotes a mantra of driving the Israelis into the ocean, so...
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cowboy caesar    RE:The Beast is dead!!! Rejoice!   11/11/2004 12:19:17 AM
The yankee dogs will take Fallujah over Arafat's dead body. Oops, guess they did.
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Bob    RE:The Beast is dead!!! Rejoice!   11/11/2004 1:22:43 AM
wonder if they're gonna parade him through the streets so they can tear him apart and get them some 'relics' i also wonder if they'll close for over $4 on an ebay auction...
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battar    RE:The Beast is dead!!! Rejoice!   11/11/2004 2:16:56 AM
Somewhere in the bible there is a commandment prohibiting rejoicing over the fall of your enemies. We should be happy not because of Arafat's death but because the Palestinians at last have a chance for a more pragmatic leadership. If they choose wisely, discussion of Palestinians will no longer be under the "terrorism" heading.
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jastayme3    RE:It's OK and Biblical to rejoice over the fall of your enemies   1/23/2006 11:59:53 PM
Actually those verses seem to be more rejoiceing over the victory of Israel then over the fall of Israel's enemies that necessitated Israel's victory. I think "don't rejoice over the fall of your enemies" simply means don't gloat and don't take pleasure in others pain
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