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Subject: Terrorists-Scum of the Planet
Ace the 2nd    11/20/2004 8:28:17 AM
(I have posted this earlier, only under the wrong topic) The Baslan crisis has further more demonstarted how terrorists are the inferior scum of the planet. It is common curtisy to protect the women and children. Terrorists blow up children with women. It happens in Russian, it happens in Irsrael, it happens all over the world. Now, what gets me the most is that there is a digustingly large number of people out there that beleive that we should make peace with the terrorists, that we should disarm in Iraq, that Russia should disarm in Chechnia, that Israel should disarm against the Palastinians. There are people out there that can sympithise those that strap bombs to their wives and send them to blow apart a school full of children, They sympithise those who blow apart school busses or behead civilian workers risking their lives to rebuild their country, and than broad cast it on Al-Ja Zera. Here is a quote from one of the master minds of the Bali bombings. "I thought that the casualties would be Americans, not Australians, but it doesn't matter, their all white anyway." A terrorist sympethiser is either extreemly misinformed, or as bad as the terrorists them selves. Right now, the world must unite, and not divide over this force of pure evil. Lets hope it does before its too late
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