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Subject: Are millitants classified as civlians?
Ace the 2nd    11/21/2004 11:12:52 PM
This may be a stupid question, but does anyone know if terrorists and millitants are classified as civilians according to the UN? The definition of civilian that I found was "anyone not inlisted in the millitary" Does that include terrorists and millitants as well?
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SGTObvious    RE:Are millitants classified as civlians?   11/29/2004 4:19:34 PM
According to the Geneva Conventions, No.
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TriggaFingaz    Classifed as ....   12/11/2004 9:47:45 AM
HELL NO!!! Terrorists are 'illegal combatants' or irregular paramilitaries. They are ripe for destruction.
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swhitebull    RE:Classifed as ....   12/11/2004 4:03:57 PM
The best way to classify them is by designating them DOA - from "work-related" accidents. swhitebull
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