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Subject: Pakistan Obstructing Hunt for BinLaden
sanman    12/13/2004 10:45:10 AM
Here's a timely article: The so-called 'allies in the war on terror' are simply milking the US for money, and not allowing BinLaden to be captured. Terrorist violence continues to emanate from the so-called vital allies like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, while their govts fiddle idly.
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Godofgamblers    RE:Pakistan Obstructing Hunt for BinLaden   2/7/2005 8:47:30 PM
this is why the war on terror is perhaps doomed to failure. the US's 'allies' are in fact its enemies and are completely untouchable because of political reasons.
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Herc the Merc    RE:Pakistan Obstructing Hunt for BinLaden   2/9/2005 4:41:52 PM
The Shias will nail Bin Laden.
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sentinel28a    RE:Pakistan Obstructing Hunt for BinLaden   2/9/2005 4:59:54 PM
I wouldn't say the war on terror is doomed--if so, we might as well just surrender and accept shari'a law now. Despite what our more rabid Indian posters say (as they won't accept anything but Pakistan's destruction), I think Musharraf wants the radicals gone--after all, he's more likely to be killed by them than we are. The problem is convincing that large section of Pakistan's population that bin Laden and his people are not there for the good of Islam, but for the good of bin Laden. Maybe settling the Kashmir question (hoo boy) will help that problem. Saudi Arabia is just the opposite. There is a growing groundswell among the young Saudis (which make up nearly half the population) against AQ. As they have been in Iraq, AQ is busy cutting its own throat there by attacking fellow Muslims. Moreover, young Saudis are sick of having the religious police peering over their shoulder, and women are increasingly standing up for themselves. King Fahd is on the way out. I don't know if his successors will be more willing to accomodate the younger generation, but they had better before there's a revolution. They're not to that point yet, but as the Shah's remaining household could tell you, you never even want to chance that. Shari'a law is even more restrictive than current Saudi law, and a lot of Saudis are seeing what AQ has in mind--Islamofascism, when they're not busy simply murdering everyone they don't agree with--and do not like it. I think in the next decade, we'll see things change in Saudi Arabia, hopefully for the better. Remember, 20 years ago Erich Honeker was saying that the Berlin Wall would never come down in our lifetimes.
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American Kafir    RE:Pakistan Obstructing Hunt for BinLaden   2/9/2005 5:14:14 PM
Who gives a sh*t about Osama Bin Laden? I mean, yes, we obviously want to kill, or if absolutely necessary capture him, but he's just one man. I'm more concerned with rounding up the 60,000+ Islamofascist terrorists that passed through his Afghan training camps in the 1990s.
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Herc the Merc    RE:Pakistan Obstructing Hunt for BinLaden   2/9/2005 5:39:28 PM
They will soon be opening Gas stations around the world. I think this phase of Islamic terrorism is coming to its illogical end.
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