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Subject: Fox Does its Share - Go Team 24 !
swhitebull    1/6/2005 10:14:15 AM swhitebull
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Bob    RE:Fox Does its Share - Go Team 24 !   1/6/2005 10:26:04 AM
James Lileks has written about this subject, too: There was that Denzel Washington / Bruce Willis movie The Siege, where the borough of Brooklyn is cordoned off while Willis looks for the terrorist cell, and Denzel is trying to combat the practice of torture despite the fact that FBI HQ had been bombed. But that was before 9/11. When I saw that movie after 9/11 I said "well, we're not going to see many movies like this for awhile..."
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swhitebull    Fox Caves in to C.A.I.R.    1/19/2005 8:45:27 AM
Fox has bent over under pressure: swhitebull
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WinsettZ    RE:Fox Caves in to C.A.I.R.    1/24/2005 4:38:50 PM
Poor FOX. Dangit, now I have to get the Season 3 DVDs to get the "unedited" versions and whatever.
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swhitebull    More on FOX Caving to Hamas- Founded CAIR   2/10/2005 7:27:50 AM
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TriggaFingaz    24    2/26/2005 11:27:41 AM
Actually, I'm pissed that the BBC did not bother to buy 24 series 3. And we don't have cable tv. Wouldn't buy the DVD either, it's costly and only gonna watch it once or twice.
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