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Subject: The Map is not the Territory
Godofgamblers    2/6/2005 11:21:38 PM
Many first world nations have a fundamental misunderstanding about the functioning of third world countries. first world leaders sit with third world ones and assume when they hammer out agreements with their counterparts that the agreements actually mean something. In fact, many third world leaders do nothing but collect taxes (often through force/extortion) and issue licenses. their countries are a mix of ethnic/tribal groups over which they have little power. As Bush sits with the presidents of countries like pakistan, he assumes that he enjoys their complete support. the fact is the prez of pakistan may not have any more influence than outside the capital. the aussies have done a masterstroke by bypassing the indo gov't and dealing directly with the indonesian police. the police is the vanguard in collecting info and apprehending suspects. How can the US and countries combatting terrorism adopt more effective measures in combatting terrorism?
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