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Subject: excellent National Review Online interview with Kushner, terrorism
stratego    2/7/2005 7:36:28 PM
The War’s Far from Won Harvey Kushner homes in on the home front. good article on fighting terrorism on the National Review Online, an interview by Katherine Jean Lopez Kushner's new book (detailed in article) publishes, for the first time, a terrorism in the US plan that was handwritten in Arabic 20 years ago and discovered at that time. A good inverview on someone who appears to be a major expert. Here are 3 quotes from the article. "Kushner: My book documents how a federal judge sentenced an illegal alien convicted of smuggling heroin, later referred to the FBI for suspicions of terrorist links, to 30 months in jail, three years on probation, a 100-dollar special assessment, and 200 hours of community service. What sort of community service does a convicted heroin smuggler suspected of being a terrorist get? He was assigned to help out in the Queens Botanical Gardens. Hey, I can't make this stuff up; it sound too much like a Mel Brooks movie, something that would damage the credibility of some involved in counterterrorism. Nevertheless, it clearly illustrates how liberal federal judges contribute to our war effort. They don't." "NRO: How can INS, such that it is, be fixed? Kushner: The answer to this question is rather simple, it can't. No matter how many resources we devote to what is now INS, they won't be enough unless we fix our will to deal with illegal aliens inside our country. In other words, there has to be a concerted effort from the Bush administration right down to the public itself to get beyond the paralyzing effects of political correctness and crack down on illegal aliens. I'm not only referring to those that committed felons but to those who cross our borders without permission." "NRO: Should we be calling it the war on militant Islam instead of the war on terror? Less beating-around-the-bush? Kushner: You bet. In point of fact, we are not at war with a variety of terrorist organizations active throughout the world. I don't mean to indicate, however, that I approve or condone such behavior. A terrorist by any other name is still a terrorist. The terrorists that pull triggers, plant bombs, and blast holes in the New York skyline all have the same thing in common — they are simply terrorists. I wrote Holy War to drive home the point that we are at war with militant Islam, not a concept like terrorism per se. A war against militant Islam is war against a tangible enemy we can defeat. We must also realize that battle against militant Islam is here in America. If we don't wake up to this, we could lose it all. That's why I wrote Holy War on the Home Front: The Secret Islamic Terror Network in the United States."
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