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Subject: Russians smoke chief terrorist
Roman    3/8/2005 11:59:37 PM
I know that I should not be happy when somebody dies, but today I am almost dancing with joy. Russian special forces killed one of the chief terrorists today - the bastard named Aslan Mashkadov. Mashkadov tried to picture himself as an 'acceptable face' of the Islamic Chechen terrorists and the gullible leftist media generally bought it, but the reality was far different. Although he initially claimed not to be involved in terrorist attacks outside Chechnya, just a few weeks ago he admitted in an interview given through the Chechen Islamist terrorist mouthpiece agency that he controlled numerous 'operations' outside Chechnya. By the same token, although he claimed to be separate from Shamil Basayev (another brutal terrorist), again about two month he admitted that he meets and coordinates with him and that Basayev is under his command. Once again: Congratulations Russia! Today is a great day in the fight against terrorism and I wish my Russian friends good luck in catching or killing also Shamil Basayev - another prominent terrorists. I also wish my American friends good luck in catching Osama Bin Laden and Zarquawi. Although most likely none of these terrorists (Mashkadov, Basayev, Bin Laden and Zarquawi) are very important from the point of view of decreasing the amount of terrorism in the short term and the medium term, taking them out is very important for symbolic reasons and can demoralize the terrorists in the long term and hit their recruitment.
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