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Subject: Chechen detained in connection with murder of Theo van Gogh
FJV    5/26/2005 2:08:32 PM
These are the first signs that the Chechen fundamentalists are starting activities in Western Europe. Source (dutch): The 25 year old Chechen Bislan I has been detained. His fingerprints were found on a farewell letter of Mohammed Bouyari (van Gogh's killer) to his parents. Earlier (half April) the 22 year old Chechen Marat J was arrested (this only became recently known). His fingerprints were found on cassetes of Mohammed Bouyari. Seems my expectations were correct in that it only was a matter of time before the Chechen terrorists would start terrorist actions in Europe. I guess that the civil disorder that the van Gogh murder caused in the Netherlands must be very interesting for the Chechens shows oppertunity for them to destabilize Dutch society and create mayem and civil disorder.
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