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Subject: The Brits deserved this bombing
Taliban Killer    7/8/2005 12:33:09 AM
I am amused that the Brits are surprised by London attacks. They tolerate open gatherings of Islamofascists advocating terrorism (for example see They believe that the "civic rights" of these animals are more important than their own lives. I say the weak-willed limeys got what they deserve. As to the simplest solution to stop all this terror madness: EXPELL ALL MUSLIMS FROM OUR LANDS!!!!
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Roman    RE:The Brits deserved this bombing   7/8/2005 1:03:28 AM
"As to the simplest solution to stop all this terror madness: EXPELL ALL MUSLIMS FROM OUR LANDS!!!! " Too late - many Muslims are citizens in many of our lands now. I agree that they should have never been allowed to come in the first place but now we have to live with our mistakes. We can, however, prevent any more from coming if we put some serious effort into controlling immigration.
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Roman    RE:The Brits deserved this bombing   7/8/2005 3:36:44 PM
Talliban Killer, nobody deserves a bombing like this least of all the Brits. As to deportations, I have stated my opinion in my previous post, though things like those portrayed below may make me and perhaps the populations of Western nations in general reconsider... Terror on the dole By David Cohen, Evening Standard 20 April 2004 Four young British Muslims in their twenties - a social worker, an IT specialist, a security guard and a financial adviser - occupy a table at a fast-food chicken restaurant in Luton. Perched on their plastic chairs, wolfing down their dinner, they seem just ordinary young men. Yet out of their mouths pour heated words of revolution. "As far as I'm concerned, when they bomb London, the bigger the better," says Abdul Haq, the social worker. "I know it's going to happen because Sheikh bin Laden said so. Like Bali, like Turkey, like Madrid - I pray for it, I look forward to the day." "Pass the brown sauce, brother," says Abu Malaahim, the IT specialist, devouring his chicken and chips. Other stories: G8 protesters and police clash Leaders fly in for G8 summit Coe promises magic at 2012 Olympics Vegetarianism 'could help climate' Mortgage payments 'stable' Huge costs for parents of disabled Murdered newlywed's father in court ASBO boss in 'foul-mouthed rant' Prince's flight in mid-air drama M25 closed after van fire "I agree with you, brother," says Abu Yusuf, the earnest-looking financial adviser sitting opposite. "I would like to see the Mujahideen coming into London and killing thousands, whether with nuclear weapons or germ warfare. And if they need a safehouse, they can stay in mine - and if they need some fertiliser [for a bomb], I'll tell them where to get it." His friend, Abu Musa, the security guard, smiles radiantly. "It will be a day of joy for me," he adds, speaking with a slight lisp. As they talk, a man with a bushy beard, dressed in a jacket emblazoned with the word "Jihad", stands and watches over them, handing around cups of steaming hot coffee. His real name is Ishtiaq Alamgir, but he goes by his adopted name, Sayful Islam, meaning "Sword of Islam". He is the 24-year-old leader of the Luton branch of al-Muhajiroun, an extremist Muslim group with about 800 members countrywide, who regard Osama bin Laden as their hero. Until recently, nobody took the fanatical beliefs of al-Muhajiroun too seriously, believing that a British-based group so brazenly "out there" could not be involved in something as "underground" as terrorism. The group is led by the exiled Saudi, Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammad, from his base in north London. Yesterday, in a magazine article, Bakri warned that several radical groups are poised to strike in London. For all its inflammatory rhetoric, al-Muhajiroun has never been linked to actual violence. Yet, with the discovery last month of half-a-tonne of ammonium nitrate fertiliser - the same explosive ingredient used in the Bali and Turkey terror attacks - and with the arrest of eight young British Muslims in London and the South-East, including six in Luton, extremist groups such as al-Muhajiroun are under the spotlight like never before. Detectives fear that the "enemy within", the homegrown extremists leading apparently normal lives in suburbia, now pose the greatest threat to security in Britain. Sayful and his friends fit this "homegrown" profile: three were born here, two came as young children from Pakistan; all were educated in local Luton schools; and they grew up in families of full employment - one of their fathers is a retired local businessman, two are engineers, and two worked in the local Vauxhall car plant. The question is: how worried should we be? Is al-Muhajiroun nothing more than a repository for disaffected Muslim youths who have adopted an extreme interpretation of Islam - perhaps to a snook at the white establishment - but who are essentially posturing? Or does the group also perform a more sinister function, sucking in alienated young men and brainwashing the more impressionable into becoming future suicide bombers? Although none of the arrested Muslims - aged 17 to 32 - appear to be current al-Muhajiroun members, rumours have circulated of informal links to the group. Moreover, parents of the arrested men have spoken anxiously of the "radicalising influence" of al-Muhajiroun militants who " corrupt" their children at mosques. Nowhere has this public confrontation between radicals and moderates been more apparent than in Luton, which has the highest density of Muslims in the South-East - 28,000 out of a total population of 140,000 - and has long been regarded as a hotbed of extremism. Sayful Islam, for one, is particularly proud of his contribution to Luton's hardline reputation. His exploits include covering the town with " Magnificent 19" posters glorifying the 11 September suicide bombers. "When I joined al-M
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TriggaFingaz    What the HELL???   7/9/2005 8:55:28 AM
How crass to imply that the British public 'deserved' to be blasted owing to the government's foolishness in sheltering radical Islamists. It was a serious error in judgement, being so sensitive about the 'human rights' of basically inhuman sadists retreating from the wrath of their home countries, but to say the Brits brought it on themselves? What the hell? While it often takes a serious reality check to shock people out of conceitedness and complacency, this should not be the way it happens. It'd be sweeter if for example, the Islamist bomber went off prematurely in an empty spot and actually survived, but was horribly maimed (both legs blown off) but took a long time to be discovered by the police. But that is just wishful thinking.
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Taliban Killer    RE:The Brits deserved this bombing: EXPELL ALL MUSLIMS   7/9/2005 1:24:55 PM
Thanks Roman, for that story, which exactly confirms what I said. I especailly like the quote "there are no moderate muslims behind closed doors". With this evidence in hand, I would strip these four mofos of their Citizenship (really, I would use their own language as evidence that they "renounce" british citizenship) and send them back to Wazaristan. That the British don't take these steps in the face of such threats leads me not to sympathise with them but to despise them as weak.
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Pseudonym    RE:The Brits deserved this bombing: EXPELL ALL MUSLIMS   7/9/2005 1:28:32 PM
You sound like Hitler. The United Kingdom has to fight with honor, unlike the terrorists.
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swhitebull    RE:The Brits deserved this bombing: EXPELL ALL MUSLIMS   7/9/2005 2:51:53 PM
...You sound like Hitler. The United Kingdom has to fight with honor, unlike the terrorists.,, Or taliban killer. Twisted individual. the BRITS have ALWAYS tried to fight with honor - against less than honorable foes. This should be no exception. On the other hand, a few strategically placed threats against certain governments, followed up by covert action a la Swordfish, might be in order. Or to do the Mossad approach in going after the Munich terrorists and their families, as did the Soviets do in Lebanon. swhitebull
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eon    RE:Legitimate Targets   7/13/2005 6:24:08 PM
I'd draw the line at going after their next of kin (wives/kiddies/etc.); not only because I'm a squeamish Yank, but because in the culture we're talking about, women are considered property, children are considered irrelevant (unless male), when visiting you don't ask after the welfare of either (major faux pas' right up there with eating with your left hand), and only adult males really "matter". Now, going after terrorist leaders here, there, or anywhere, I have no problem with, and if said leader has one or more brothers in the trade as well, I'm all for giving him or them a 9mm Sine-Off apiece too. You have to prioritize your targets based on what the adversary doesn't want to lose- and to keep faith with your own code. We didn't kill women and children in Iraq (no matter how many times the Iraqis contrived to use schools, etc., as hifding places), and it's a line we shouldn't cross now.
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kjetski    RE:Legitimate Targets   7/13/2005 6:27:59 PM
I was married to a brit (very pretty but a bitch). They have an attitude that is good when confronted with situations like the terror bombing. When push comes to shove they will do ANYTHING that is required to win. If this includes murdering terrorist family members , "sorry about your luck". Remember, Kill all they send and they will stop sending them.
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DarthAmerica    RE:Legitimate Targets   7/13/2005 7:03:50 PM
All, I have said many times. The solution is to kill them all and any who support them without hesitancy or mercy. Anything less and you will have war without end. Just like Israel. Man, Woman and Child, if they are supportive of radical islam, must all be put to the sword. This is the only method that will in the end bring, peace. Thanks DA P.S. As to the Brits deserving it. Anybody who does not take adequate steps to secure their safety, simply reaps the harvest of the seeds they have sown. That includes allowing a hostile religion to take root in your homeland.
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Scorpene    Consider these facts, please.   7/16/2005 1:03:22 PM
Okay... no one in Britain, least of all the innocent people who died, deserved to have the plastique go off underneath them. Britain has some very good police and special forces, who have done a good job. Unlike many other European nations, Britain supported us (yes, I am an American) in Iraq and has fought alongside us. Britain deserves American support now and in the future. Europe at large is wrestling with the problem of cultural assimilation of Moslems, and it is far worse in France and Germany. I do not believe, realistically, that Britain or Europe yet would do something so drastic as to expel religious groups or ethnicities, leaving aside considerations about the logistics and how much smoke would get put in the air over it. This said also, I do not envy the problem solver there as they have a horrible situation to handle. America is deeply riddled with political correctness, but our immigration problems are not nearly as bad. Central and South Americans and Mexicans are culturally much closer to Americans.
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