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Subject: Something For the Terrorist's To Consider
Peanut    7/8/2005 8:38:22 PM
1. European terrorist can't seem to scare up suicide bombers. They aren't as dedicated or those living in the West like it enough to stick around. They won't assimilate to easily with their suicide jockey cousins in Iraq or the West Bank. 2.The terrorists no longer pick random dates, Madrid was tied to the elections, London to the G8 or at least used the distraction of the G8. This means they know their message is getting lost in the all the "white noise" coming out of Iraq and Afghanistan. 3. Which brings us to this point. The WTC attacks were supposedly to get us infidels out of Fraudi Arabia and, as a public relations afterthought by the mouse Bin Laden, to get Israel out of Palestine. Now their stated goals are to get us out of Iraq & Afghanistan. Hmm, so your goals are now the status quo. Nice going. Thousands dead so things could...remain the same. The reason Iraq is occupied is because the coward bin Laden picked a fight. Now he is trying desperately to regain the upper hand through Europe. 5. You can't do significant damage to us militarily, so you slaughter our civilians by going after our towers. Now those are secure, so you go after our trains. As bloody as Bali, Madrid and London were, your numbers of innocent civilians killed is going down exponentially. It is sick to think that way, but even by your own measure, you are doing badly and getting worse. London is back up after a day. Not many headlines there. Not much terror. Really just heartache. You guys suck even on your own terms, let alone terms the rest of the human race follows. 5. Similar to the above points. Each terror attack garners less press on its own. You made your most spectacular attack first. You are now going downhill. You are desperately trying to get attention by attacking during the G8 summit. Great, the eco-terrorist did the same thing. Eco-terrorist, you remember them don't you? No, well guess where you will be in 20 years? 6. bin Laden isn't even running the show. Noone is running your show. You are all doing a free for all. Just like the violent Vietnamese gangs of NYC in the 1980s, you will burn your selves out trying to show who can cut off the most heads or kill the most Muslim babies. Again, your indicators are pointing down. 7. You are killing devout Sunni's, devout Shi-ites, on the flimsiest of excuses. They cooperated with someone who cooperated with someone who cooperated with someone who saw an American film...come on... you are running out of soft targets. The IRA did the same thing, kill those who cooperate or those who aren't true to the cause. You remember the IRA don't you? They have now degenerated into several violent factions that deal drugs and sell women and kill each other and give themselves names like the Real IRA, the True IRA, etc. Welcome to your future jihad, jack, hope you like being a pimp. Finally, just to be clear. President Bush has made just about every mistake in the book (or those working for him have): he underestimated the rebellion, he overestimated the WMD, he underestimated the costs, he overestimated our allies commitment, but do you know what? Despite all that...we are still kicking the ever loving crap out of you. And other than killing some civilians, devout Muslims and, oh lets not forget some innocent children, and killing them on videotape in violent ways to satisfy Zarquawi's perversions...there ain't much you can do about it. Learn to read something besides the Koran. I'm signing off until your next weak, pathethic, childish attack.
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displacedjim    RE:Something For the Terrorist's To Consider   7/8/2005 9:22:03 PM
Sweet post! Well said. Displacedjim
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