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Subject: Al-Qaeda Sucess's Recently
giblets    7/22/2005 8:57:41 PM
Whilst we all like to consider to deaths of our own nationals at times like this, it is perhaps a good time, to review the sucess of A-qaeda and its associated groups in the years post 9/11. Yes there have been attrocities, 3,030 in 9/11 alone, 55 in London, 180 in Bali, Madrid, and perhaps the largest group to have suffered under Al-Qaeda? Muslims,6,000 maybe more in Iraq alone, let alone the muslim casualties from the aforementioned indescriminate attacks. Amazing they get the support they do.
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PlatypusMaximus    RE:Al-Qaeda Sucess's Recently   7/22/2005 11:30:56 PM
Just today they've blown to pieces and burned alive their Muslim brothers in Egypt, Pakistan and Lebanon. They also shot dead a just-married Muslim bride in Baghdad. Maybe if we were practitioners of the religon of peace then all of this would make better sense.
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sanman    RE:Al-Qaeda Sucess's Recently   7/23/2005 4:54:05 AM
Because they don't care about Muslim-on-Muslim violence, but if the Infidel even so much as looks at them the wrong way then they'll be baying like a pack of hyenas. Look at how many Muslims Saddam killed, but as soon as the Infidel takes action against Saddam, then suddenly Saddam is Mr Muslim Icon #1 to them. It has to do with their raw prejudice towards others. We Infidels will always lower forms of life in their eyes, and we'll always find ourselves begging for their consideration, if that path of approval-seeking is what we choose to take. The obvious choice is not to take the path of begging for their approval, but to turn the argument around and focus on their prejudices towards us Infidels -- their disdain for all of us non-Muslims of whatever creed.
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Thomas    RE:Al-Qaeda Sucess's Recently   7/25/2005 6:00:47 AM
Well clear thinking has never been one of AQ's strong suits!
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