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Subject: READ! Rushdie Wants Koran Changed!
sanman    8/11/2005 10:36:43 PM
World-reknowned novelist Salman Rushdie wants the Koran to be edited: He is calling for the Koran to be upgraded and improved, to bring it in line with modern realities. Just like the reformist Vatican Council of the 1960s made significant changes to Catholic doctrine. Muslims will be encouraged to pray in local languages other than Arabic. Thank goodness Muslims are figuring out that it's time to move beyond the 7th Century, and get upto speed with the rest of us.
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paul1970    RE:READ! Rushdie Wants Koran Changed!   8/12/2005 10:40:06 AM
this links in with polls in the UK where British Muslims want prayers to be read and spoken in English....
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Brahma    RE:READ! Rushdie Wants Koran Changed!   8/12/2005 11:24:44 AM
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appleciderus    RE:READ! Rushdie Wants Koran Changed!   8/12/2005 7:43:39 PM
Hellloooooo! Isn't this the rather well spoken fellow who has been hiding for a decade or so? You remember, in fear of his life because an edict permitted by the koran was issued for his death. (as in murder) Any person who perceives this as progress needs to see me immediately: I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn.
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sanman    RE:READ! Rushdie Wants Koran Changed!   8/12/2005 10:34:40 PM
Heh, I didn't actually say that this was some watershed breakthrough. As you point out, Rushdie is likely to earn himself another fatwa, or a bullet, or both. I'm just saying that he might be onto something, even if he doesn't have the power to achieve it. His mention of the Catholic reformist Second Vatican Council of the 1960s is a useful analogy. It might be a way to mobilize a new dynamic of change in the opposing camp.
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appleciderus    Analogy   8/15/2005 8:33:35 AM
More accurately, islam needs a Martin Luther, a Hundred Years War, a real house cleaning. It will not happen in our lifetime.
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Ticonderoga    RE:Analogy   8/15/2005 1:36:56 PM
Not the Hundred Years War (that was between Britain and France) I assume you meant the Thirty Years War
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appleciderus    RE:Analogy   8/15/2005 7:50:32 PM
I did mean the 30 years war, and all the other religious based conflicts that abolished Christian absolutism. My point was to distinguish between that "reform" and the one or two or half dozen weak voices admonishing contemporary islam. Vatican II is not a valid comparison.
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Ticonderoga    RE:Analogy   8/15/2005 8:01:21 PM
What is ironic about the 30 years war is that while it was nominal fought over religion the reasons that the German princes rebelled had nothing to do with religion, funny how that works
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appleciderus    Not really   8/15/2005 8:27:07 PM
The way you raise armies is to promise eternal salvation, with or without virgins. I'll bet there are a thousand medievil clerics rolling over that they didn't think of 'virgins'.
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sanman    RE:Analogy   8/16/2005 1:54:57 AM
If there was ever a place for Muslims to have a 30 Years War, it would be in Iraq, where Shia and Sunni worlds collide. If the US withdraws, then it most certainly will happen in our lifetime.
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