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Subject: Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not Francois
RaptorZ    8/16/2005 2:22:38 PM
Not long ago a french flight went down in canada, now 153 French Citizens died in a plane crash in South America. Anyone think there's something more behind it?
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eon    RE:Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not Francois   8/17/2005 10:00:05 PM
Yes. A combination of overscheduling and sub-standard maintenance. A friend of mine who is a commercial pilot (I won't say for what line) says that the maintenance staff of most non-US or non- developed country airlines, as well as a lot of the smaller lines >in< developed countries, are not up to par. This inevitably leads to crashes. It's significant that ten years ago, 90% of all airline accidents were "crew-induced", i.e., the result of pilot error. Today, this accounts for less than half of fatal crashes, mostly in Second or Third World lines. Over 50% are due to mechanical failure, with the bulk of those being with non- First World carriers. (IOW, you're much safer flying TWA, Air France, Japan AL, Qantas, or British Airways, etc., than you are flying any of several African, South American or SE Asian flag carriers.) The Toronto crash is a tribute to how well modern aircraft and crews can cope with emergencies- given proper A/C maintenance and proper crew training. What happened in Greece and, I suspect, Venezuela, illustrates what happens when one or both of these factors is lacking.
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