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Subject: Fake Stories of Bangladeshis Intruding Into India
jg    8/28/2005 4:01:39 PM
Fake Stories of Bangladeshis Intruding Into India --Mohammad Zainal Abedin It is observed that it has become a fashion for some of the Indian politians and columnists to make allegation of illegal immigration of Bangladesh nationals into the northeastern states of India in general and Assam in particular. Recently the Assam Gvernor alleged that about 6000 Bangladesh nationals enter Assam everyday. The effort was made to divert the attention of the exploited and deprived people of Assam to such an issue ' foreigners' which is popular to the ethnic Assamese. Some in the media also jumped on the issue. How a state Governor could blame a neghbouring country in such an indecent and irresponsible way . Why didn't the Indian intelligence and security forces that beset the state could detain the Bangladeshis? According his statistics 1,80,000 Bangladeshis enter Assam every month and in a year the figure will stand at 12, 96,000. According to the census of 2001, the total population of Assam was 2,66,55,528. Among them, according Indian media, the Muslims constitute 30 per cent of the total population of the state. If so, their number now should be around 79,96,659. If one year's intrusion is added, the present number of the Muslims should reach at 92, 56,659. According to the census of 1991 Muslims were 63, 73,204. Indian government and its media now point their fingers at the Muslims when they refer to the term 'infiltrators' in India, though there prevails strong anti-infiltrator sentiment and campaign in all the states of northeast. Muslims were about 40% when Assam was merged with India in 1947. Their sizeable presence was in existence even before the advent of the British. Muslims were never infiltrators in Assam. The Muslims of today in Assam are not immigrant or outsiders, rather most of them are the sons of the soil. After fall of Gurgobinda in the 14th century, many Ahom people adjoining Sylhet converted to Islam. During the British period, thousand of Bengali speaking Muslims were brought to and settled in Assam to bring arable lands under cultivation. The descendants of these Muslims now form 30% of the total population of Assam. These descendants of those Bengali speaking Muslims forgot their language and culture, but not their religion. This new generation Muslims of Assam feel pride to identify themselves Ahoms, treat Assam as their motherland, use Ahomiya language in their daily life, send their children to schools where Ahomiya is the medium of instruction. Other than their religious activities they are hundred per cent Ahoms. They cannot be branded as foreigners or Bangladeshis. So it is itself illegal and unjustified and mere violation of human rights to brand and harass the Muslims in Assam as illegal , outsiders or infiltrators. Moreover it is impossible fo the Bangladeshis to enter Assam is such a massive way. Entrance of six thousand Bangladeshis daily means Assam border is opened for all. But the reality is just opposite. An Indian columnist Ajay Suri reported: After Kashmir, the Northeast India has the maximum concentration of intelligence personnel. Apart from Military Intelligence, BSF's own G-branch (its intelligence wing) is active in the region. Also, more than 500 Intelligence Bureau (IB) officials are stationed permanently here, and the Research & Analysis wing (RAW) has its men even in Bangladesh( On the other hand, Assam is one of the most densely soldiered regions in the world. It is really difficult to mention the accurate figure of security agencies that are deployed in Assam. India, to avert the hue and cry in home and abroad, intentionally keep this information secret. According to press reports, at least, one lakh soldiers of Indian Army are deployed in Assam. Six battalions of BSF, 10 battalions of CRP, five companies of the Punjab Police Commandos, one battalion of State Rifles have been deployed in the state. The number of other forces cannot be ascertained. One can have an easy idea how much of them are there, if one looks into so many security agencies besides the armed forces in India. Just look at their names and figures( Ministry of Home Affairs, BSF: Organisation - total 157 battalions Artillery - 7 BSF Artillery Regiments Water Wing Air Wing Signals Regiment 10 Frontier Headquarters 39 Sectors Assam Rifles: 41 battalions 3 Maintenance Groups Signal Unit Construction Company 9 Range Headquarters Indo-Tibetan Border Police: 29 battalions (4 specialist Battalions) over 35,569 personnel 755 Officers Other Paramilitary Forces: Coast Guard Rastriya Rifles Special Frontier Force Central Reserve Police Force Home Guards Intelligence Agencies: National: Research and Analysis Wing Intelligence Bureau Joint Intelligence Committee Intelligence Agencies: Military: Aviation Research Centre (ARC)
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trustedsourceofinfo    RE:Fake Stories of Bangladeshis Intruding Into India   10/28/2005 12:36:05 PM
""If so, their number now should be around 79,96,659. If one year's intrusion is added, the present number of the Muslims should reach at 92, 56,659. According to the census of 1991 Muslims were 63, 73,204."" --->Have you ever seen those millions of Muslim Bangladeshis sleeping on the streets of Calcutta and Mumbai. The Bangladeshis aint infiltrating into India to make a living in Assam-they're moving to the 'real' urban cities... I think this will give u an idea abt the stupidity of the author whilst presenting those figures!
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eatmee    RE:Fake Stories of Bangladeshis Intruding Into India   10/28/2005 9:01:09 PM
>>"Finally I would request fellow Indians not to make fabricated reports on Bangladesh . Let us be good neighours and follow the art of live and let live. Let the Muslims of Assam and India live in peace and contribute to the development where they live in. "<< How do we know you are indian? This all looks like propaganda to me. It seems that some people want to just let muslims explode into everybodies countries and not resist, that would be a muslim fanatics wet dream. If the people of india themseleves are fed up of immigration from bangladesh, there is no excuse for it, and no excuse for the litteral invasion by bangladeshis. And if there is tensions there, im not surprised muslims tend to bring conflict where ever they go, because thier religion is the thing they use to try and take over other people.
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Genesis    Stories of Bangladeshis Intruding Into India-real   11/5/2005 7:11:42 AM
bangladeshi illegal immigrants entering India is a everyday event...the streets of calcutta are flooded with them...they r such a menace in w.bengal...
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