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Subject: Now I know why I hate leftists more than terrorists
FJV    9/13/2005 1:59:30 PM
How the hell is the Netherlands supposed to deal with terrorists, when we cannot even deal with $%#$% household criminals: Rough translation: "Partying in jail VEENHUIZEN - That Dutch inmates belong to the best treated in the world was already known. But that Murderers, bank robbers and drugs barons behind the bars of a Dutch jail are even running their own grand cafe? From a series of photos "leaked" to this newspaper, it appears that prisoners of the penitentionary Esserheem in Veenhuizen have no reason to complain. „In our own café ’Club 91’ we party every weekend”, tells the doule murderer Martin K. „While enjoying a delicious snack, an ice cream or a malt beer, we play cards, billiards or listen to music. Or if it's nice weather we play a game of tennis. Out side we also have a tennis court available according to K. This is a better deal than Arab suicide bomber get! They don't get the tennis court or the ice cream! I can hear the fundamentalists already: "Attack the Netherlands and you're set, you get your own malt beer, a tennis court, etc. Don't believe me?, just look at this article!" I can deal with terrorists, but this?..... Excuse me while I'm going to be sick!
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TriggaFingaz    How are leftists responsible for the cushy jail?   10/6/2005 4:32:01 PM
I myself deplore most leftist beliefs and their worldview, but in what way are they responsible for the jail conditions you mentioned in Holland?
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