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Subject: Dutch govt. is looking to outlaw burqa
FJV    12/22/2005 4:31:38 AM
Lately there has been news that the Dutch govt. is investigating wether they can outlaw the burqa in public space. There seems to be a majority for this law in the Dutch govt. The reasoning is that a burqa is discriminatory for women, because the men don't have to cover their faces. The reasoning is also safety issues. I guess that fundamentalist males can either choose to wear a burqa as well or the thing will get banned. PS Wearing burqa's in the privacy of your own home would still be allowed.
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PeregrinePike    RE:Dutch govt. is looking to outlaw burqa   1/25/2006 9:40:29 AM
That makes sense ~ to a certain extent. I am a non-Muslim, but when I was in Saudi Arabia... I didnt in the least bit mind my mother having to wear the burqa (and she didnt mind). Knowing how some people there behave more like animals than people towards women, Quran was probably right in making it a divine edict. It was probably more economical in 700s to disguise a woman's beauty in black than to enforce laws on rape and kidnapping. Seeing how Neatherlands does have an impartial police force and Dutch men - for the most part - know better than to think with their d!cks, the functional aspect of the Islamic law is void.
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Galrahn    RE:Dutch govt. is looking to outlaw burqa   1/27/2006 11:42:38 PM
I think this reflects popular liberal philosophy that womens rights in the Muslim world is the counter balance to Islamic Fascism. While I don't particularly approve of infringing on peoples freedom of religous beliefs, religous persecution in Europe isn't exactly something new. I would protest a law like this in America based on the our Constitutionally granted Freedom of Religon, although I would feel conflicted doing it. In my opinion, any religion that defines the laws of its diety in an way that isn't equal for both men and women seems more compariable to a cult than a religion to me.
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