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Subject: Why oh, why?
mustavaris    3/2/2006 10:25:33 AM
The people who breech and praise terror are not sent away? Are there some damned international laws that forbid the expulsion of those people? It should be clear that if they want to be part of our society, they should behave like that. F¤ck the tolerance. We must tolerate them ONLY if they tolerate us [and then we MUST tolerate them]. Venting out some frustration: first time in ages I am ashamed of being a Finn. In my dear home town, a cartoon artist with whom I have partied with drew a cartoon. Just some time ago. In that cartoon the artist was talking with Muhammed about the situation, profet´s face was covered [just like they do in Islamic art, when they bother to cover his face] and they were having a nice little chat. No offence, the edge was directed against the western attitudes, Muslim behaviour was only lightly commented about. Guess what happened? No, Muslims in Finland said nothing, did nothing [so far]. Those who have been asked said it was ok to publish that kind of cartoon... But the chief editor of the magazine was sacked, the artists cartoon removed from their web site, a couple of major supporters of the magazine withdrew their support and one work that the city council had ordered from the artist were cancelled. Perkele. I think that this town is taking shariah more seriosuly than our Muslmis. Anyway, the debate is raging and the results are yet to be known... Time will tell, but I think that I just got an overdose of "tolerance" and "respect" and everything like that. We are doing just what AQ, Iran et al want: we start to cencor ourselves and kneel before the fanatics. Perkele!
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kane    RE:Why oh, why?    3/2/2006 12:48:25 PM
OH are you a FÝnn you don't need to be ashamed because you're a Finn,you have a good history +Some Turks were assimilated by scandinavians-i mean European HUNS Our language has some similar things besides i love your music: sentenced nightwish to die for greates gothic metalll sorry i din't write comment abt your post I LOVE FINNNSSSS YEAHH
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PlatypusMaximus    Moderate Muslim Countries   3/2/2006 2:33:46 PM
The following are excerpts from a television program with Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi,aired on Qatar TV on February 25, 2006. Sheikh Al-Qaradhawi is head of the European Council for Fatwa and Research, president of the International Association of Muslim Scholars (IAMS), and the spiritual guide of many other Islamist organizations across the world, including the Muslim Brotherhood. TO VIEW THIS CLIP, VISIT: . Yousef Al-Qaradhawi: "Our war with the Jews is over land, brothers. We must understand this. If they had not plundered our land, there wouldn't be a war between us." [...] "We are fighting them in the name of Islam, because Islam commands us to fight whoever plunders our land, and occupies our country. All the school of Islamic jurisprudence - the Sunni, the Shi'ite, the Ibadhiya - and all the ancient and modern schools of jurisprudence - agree that any invader who occupies even an inch of land of the Muslims must face resistance. The Muslims of that country must carry out the resistance, and the rest of the Muslims must help them. If the people of that country are incapable or reluctant, we must fight to defend the land of Islam, even if the local [Muslims] give it up. "They must not allow anyone to take a single piece of land away from Islam. That is what we are fighting the Jews for. We are fighting them... Our religion commands us... We are fighting in the name of religion, in the name of Islam, which makes this Jihad an individual duty, in which the entire nation takes part, and whoever is killed in this [Jihad] is a martyr. This is why I ruled that martyrdom operations are permitted, because he commits martyrdom for the sake of Allah, and sacrifices his soul for the sake of Allah. "We do not disassociate Islam from the war. On the contrary, disassociating Islam from the war is the reason for our defeat. We are fighting in the name of Islam." [...] "They fight us with Judaism, so we should fight them with Islam. They fight us with the Torah, so we should fight them with the Koran. If they say 'the Temple,' we should say 'the Al-Aqsa Mosque.' If they say: 'We glorify the Sabbath,' we should say: 'We glorify the Friday.' This is how it should be. Religion must lead the war. This is the only way we can win." [...] "Everything will be on our side and against Jews on [Judgment Day]; at that time, even the stones and the trees will speak, with or without words, and say: 'Oh servant of Allah, oh Muslim, there's a Jew behind me, come and kill him.' They will point to the Jews. It says 'servant of Allah,' not 'servant of desires,' 'servant of women,' 'servant of the bottle,' 'servant of Marxism,' or 'servant of liberalism'... It said 'servant of Allah.' "When the Muslims, the Arabs, and the Palestinians enter a war, they do it to worship Allah. They enter it as Muslims. The hadith says: 'Oh Muslim.' It says 'oh Muslim,' not 'oh Palestinian, Jordanian, Syrian, or Arab nationalist.' No, it says: 'Oh Muslim.' When we enter [a war] under the banner of Islam, and under the banner of serving Allah, we will be victorious." The production value seemed lacking....I give this show 2 1/2 pipe bombs.
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mustavaris    Off-topic/kane   3/2/2006 5:14:31 PM
Well, that´s one part I am really proud of. Besides Sweden and Norway we have pretty much lead the way in modern metal during the last ten years or so. Anyway, I think you could like following bads: Charon - Similar to Sentenced, but more "gothic" and lighter. Entwine - Something like TDF with female vocalist and more HIMmish. Silentium - Rather original gothic metal band with violin and male/female vocals. Older stuff includes non-clean singing. Kingston Wall - Probably the best proggressive metal/hard rock band ever to come from Finland (R.I.P.) Amorphis - their stuff ranges from rather primitive death metal to kalevala influenced melodic death metal to light heavy metal, while their newest album is a combination of all three... This band has strong Karelian/Finnish flavour in their music [eg some of the lyrics have been taken from Kalevala and Kanteletar and guitars have strong trad/folk feeling in many songs]. I like all of those, but I personally prefer harder part of the metal genre and think that Finnish metal in general is better in that. Although Sentenced really kicks @ss. Or kicked in fact.
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kane    RE:Off-topic/kane   3/3/2006 1:00:28 PM
THANKSSS :D i knew entwine they are good btw thanks for your advices finnish metal is much differnt for me,their music is different from sweden i love-children of bodom and Opeth norway-ermm it's too heavy(but if amonamarth is from norway i love them too) Metal is very popular in Turkey at the end of this month OPETH will be here,but it's on the otherside of istanbul so i'm not gonna be able to go but i won't miss BLIND GUARDIAN(germany probably) thx for the info again :D
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mustavaris    RE:Off-topic/kane   3/4/2006 7:09:54 PM
HEY! Children of Bodom is from FINLAND!!!! And, if you like them: check Throne of Chaos, they play somewhat similar technical metal, but with a much more creative touch and less classical heavy metal cliches like "I play fast as hell and know all the arpeggios like the Devil knows the Bible"... But; cheers! Its drinking time now!
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mustavaris    RE:Off-topic/kane   3/4/2006 7:11:05 PM
And to praise Sweden: check Katatonia, and from the harder side, At The Gates and The Haunted, and the One Man Army And Undead Quartet [Quintet?]..
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kane    RE:Off-topic/kane   3/5/2006 3:25:17 AM
children of bodom from Finland hmmmmmmm fine thx again :D
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mustavaris    RE:Off-topic/kane   3/6/2006 8:39:01 AM
No problem, check the bands- you will probably like at least some of them. Cheers-.
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kane    RE:Off-topic/kane   3/6/2006 12:50:08 PM
i downloaded many songs drom charon(similar to sentenced as you said),amorphis(great),ensiferium and finntroll i'm doing researches thank you very much for the advices
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