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Subject: Laden described himself as prophet
trustedsourceofinfo    3/5/2006 9:04:54 PM
Tell me whats the difference... let me quote.. "He delivered (preached) the Quran, and said he was a prophet," Paracha said. "He said very nice things, very impressive.",curpg-1.cms
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kane    RE:Laden described himself as prophet   3/6/2006 8:10:12 AM
hahahahahahahha lofl yes he is a prophet he is a sacred guy.he's killer of all other people except muslims we love him even if he kills and damages us too/sarcastic but you may not understand nihahahahahahahahahah i think both of you(trusted and ussmc) are crazy brainwashed fools he's not a prophet he's a terrorist that caused thousands of deaths +he's a great sinner in belief of islam he should be burned in hell for a long time -but i don't believe in islam so don't call me muslim-i believe in god but without religion/sometimes i don't believe though stop insulting a religion
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kane    RE:kane-USSMC   3/7/2006 1:04:08 PM
because my people follows it AND i know what it is-you insults are unfair
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Mex101    RE:Laden described himself as prophet   3/7/2006 5:59:09 PM
Thus more proof of his insanity Didn't Hitler believe that he was the Messiah of Germany?
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Mex101    RE:kane-USSMC   3/7/2006 6:06:15 PM
>>>Bin laden is fukked in the head. But I have a feeling Muslims around the world believes his a prophet. After all Islam is one evil/dirty religion. All Muslims are also fukked in the head!!!!<<< A racist comment if i ever heard it. Show me Surveys to back up your Clames. This is a web site of facts and opinion based on facts If you wish to post this sort of stuff please visit or If you rephrase your comments to say Many Muslims... I will take back everything I said.
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Mex101    RE:Mex101   3/8/2006 3:10:02 PM
(Thus more proof of his insanity) who me? or Kane? Osama. But since you asked, I say that the both of you need help : )
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kane    RE:Mex101   3/9/2006 12:39:00 PM
who me :P lol what a discussion
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Mex101    RE:Mex101   3/10/2006 5:47:54 PM
Every one else on this post, Among others, belong in a Mental facility! That includes you USSMC,Kane, and trusted whats his face! lol
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akyýldlýz    RE:Mex101   3/11/2006 1:10:33 PM
insulting a religion and insulting its fallowers!!!!!!!!!!!INSANITY im a muslim too but i'm not "fukked in the haed" and if you ask why cause i can fukk you in the head...
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bender    RE:laden described himself as a prophet   3/11/2006 6:08:45 PM
the rapier-like wit in this thread is awe inspireing!The intelligent exchange of ideas,a shining example to all sp users!keep up the fine work gentlemen!you may now pick up your crayons and continue
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akyýldlýz    RE:akyýldlýz   3/14/2006 1:06:21 PM
do tou really know what islam is? also I'm very modern in here and things go very well in istanbul and i'm going to a collage which you dont have to participate in religion lessons. also i have never known or heard a person that joined al-queda. -you dont have to like my religion -christians are mentally ill -again be restpecfull -peace was the base of islam but terrorists ruined it in the middle east but not in turkiye. -if islam have been never existed there would be another religion of course. +my mother dont wear headgear or pray she is a doctor(so educated) and not islamist also i have nothing to do in australia...or maybe i can come there to blow my self up infront of your house but not by a bomb, i would probably blow up while i you because of the pleasure..... cheers form akyýldIýz
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