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Subject: So...
AlbanyRifles    3/17/2006 11:12:31 AM What do you think?
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Bob    RE:So...   3/17/2006 11:25:29 AM
Who is this woman? Amazing.
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Azmodius    RE:So...   3/17/2006 11:46:37 AM
I want to mary her lol. she basically told the idiot muslims how it was. What i found really amusing is that the muslim cleric or whatever he was that she was hammering on couldnt respond. he did what they all do and tried to change the subject and put her on the defensive by saying "are you a heretic?" and stuff like that rather than address the points she made. you see how that guy started doing the little bowing and waving routine? they are conditioned for this. Anyway, she did a good job.
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kane    RE:So...   3/17/2006 12:37:45 PM
pffffffffffffffff again Why did she say whole Muslims things are not like that in Turkey!!
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Azmodius    RE:LOL Kane   3/17/2006 12:44:15 PM
Lol sorry kane. i understand its not ALL muslims who behave the way i have been saying. but its a vast majority in my opinion so it doesnt bother me to generalize. But then again what do you know about islam? you refuse to research it. and im still waiting on your response to several posts i have made. especially regarding scientific advancements from the 'east'....
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anuts    RE:So...   3/19/2006 8:52:29 PM
As I sat watching, completely enthralled, I may have blinked twice for fear of missing something. When it was over, my initial response was a vocal "WOW!" But the skeptic in me was trying to figure out if it was translated properly. What the format was. What was the audience? Where was it broadcasted? What kind of editing was going on and for whom. These thoughts under the condition of assuming it was real and accurate (translation). Under this assumption, the implications started to sink in. Here is a WOMAN taking on a this culture. Here, this WOMAN claimed to be a this someone that seemed to be of religious authority. A direct challange was made regarding the compare/contrast of cultures between West, Jew, Christian etc. and the apparent culture her counter part represented...and it wasn't even close. She shriveled him up like a raisin. Truly remarkable... "Why did she say whole Muslims things are not like that in Turkey!!" Kane: I can appreciate your love of country, but give it a rest. This is not about goes a little broader than one country (especially Turkey). It seems any and all threads, posts, subjects, and replies have to tie Turkey somehow with you. Really, I'm not trying to pick on you personally (I hope you do not take it as such). I just think it is important to grasp a bigger picture of what's really going with the subject at hand.
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CJH    RE:So...   3/19/2006 9:56:15 PM
To see more videos, check out Memri stands for "Middle East Media Reserch Institute" which has been around for a while. They tell you what the media over there is putting out. This woman tells it like it is but I wish someone who is devoutly Muslim had said it. Secularists maintain what I consider to be the false dichotomy of science/religion. Natural science as it originally was in the West was an extension of theology which was once regarded as the queen of the sciences. As such, the natural sciences augmented man's understanding of the mind of God through a deeper knowledge of God's creation. However, to the extent science has more recently separated itself from Christianity, science is losing its purpose and will likely atrophy. So while I applaud there being someone telling Muslims what they need to hear in a familiar tongue, I don't necessarily agree that her world view is the solution although its adherents are not, at least at present, cutting peoples' heads off. Her talk can be summarized by saying no civilization can rise above its conception of God.
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CJH    RE:So...   3/19/2006 9:58:55 PM
Whoops! Change "Natural science as it originally was in the West was an extension of theology which was once regarded as the queen of the sciences." to "Natural science as it originally was in the modern era was an extension of theology which was once regarded as the queen of the sciences.".
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CJH    RE:So... - One more thing about secularism.   3/19/2006 10:30:05 PM
One more thing about secularism. I take it that the world view of this woman corresponds closely to that of the European Enlightenment(Europaische Aufklarung?). I believe they are those who hold the legacy of the enlightenment who are Christianity's most vocal critics in the West. I have heard that according to this world view people are basically good but when people turn bad, it's because of society's influence (Christianity holds that our natures, apart from God's intervention, are incurably evil). Therefore, all we have to do is to design the right social system and everyone will lead fulfilled lives. This led, in the 20th century, to Communism which murdered 100 million innocent people and Nazism which murdered perhaps tens of millions of innocents. I heard what I found to be a profound insight in a sermon a few years ago. Profound because it explained to me how flesh and blood human beings could be the architects of Communist and Nazi genocide or democide. It was said in the sermon that perhaps the greatest evil there can be is when we replace God with a conception of human goodness(And the perfect social system). Bingo!
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PlatypusMaximus    RE:So... - One more thing about secularism.   3/20/2006 6:22:22 AM
Absolutley HAIR-RAISING! I wonder where they buried her.
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CJH    RE:So... - One more thing about secularism.   3/21/2006 8:49:04 PM
Her head or her body?
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