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Subject: None Islamic terrorists
Mex101    3/19/2006 5:52:27 PM
I don't know much about this, so I wonder if any of you know. "To the Escape Pod! I REGRET NOTHING!!"
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FJV    RE:None Islamic terrorists   3/20/2006 12:28:21 PM
IRA, FARC, RAF (Rote Armee Faction), ETA, PKK (communist), Shining Path, the Weathermen, the Tamil Tigers are some that come to mind. And there are still some commie terrorists dormant in Italy, some seperatists on Corsica ,etc whose name escapes me. Plenty of people willing to use violence on civilians to get their way. Every nation has it's share of those. In the Netherlands we had the Mollucans doing hostage takings in the "70's and RARA doing arson attcks in the 1980's.
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Mex101    RE:None Islamic terrorists   3/21/2006 7:21:38 AM
In the 90's, and still some today, the Zapatistas were a real problem and they are considered a domistic terrorist in Mexico. The US has its own domestic terrorists, KKK in the US of the 1960's was realy into bombings and killing innocent poeple based on political and ideoligical reasons. I remember a little fro the IRA. Though i never heard the whole story, do you care to tell "To the escape Pod! I REGRET NOTHING!!"
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FJV    RE:None Islamic terrorists   3/21/2006 1:15:32 PM
Not that familiar with IRA history myself. But there should be some links on the internet. Best bet would be to go to a library and look for some history books on that topic. Often a bit more thought has gone into things written down in books versus things written on the internet. Provided you get an author without too much of a bias for one of the parties.
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Mex101    RE:None Islamic terrorists   3/25/2006 9:11:52 PM
I HIGHLY doubt the cridebility of this website, but its good to start a little descussion, so, What do you think
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FJV    RE:None Islamic terrorists   3/26/2006 5:44:59 AM
It is rather far fetched. There's likely to be a minority of a minority of extreme leftists wo would help Al Queda (just like in the Netherlands). And they could get lucky in: - Staying undetected - Developing a trusting relationship with Al Queda. Even the Afghans started to hate Al Queda for their superiority attitude - Getting a nuke/WMD and keeping it. - Smuggling it into the US - Getting it to an US target undetected - etc., etc. On the long list of possibilities this would be way down. Standard Political, Law Enforcement and Judicial stupidity are the cause of much bigger terror threats. Fixing these would also fix this scenario.
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Mex101    RE:None Islamic terrorists   3/28/2006 3:17:47 PM
I could see some Extrime left side Mexicans that have a personal hatred of the US jioning a terror group, but the likely hood of this Mexican being of any use for a terrorist is slim to a trillion.
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Schackleford    RE:None Islamic terrorists   4/15/2006 9:03:12 AM
In the post-WWII era, terrorism has mainly come from two different sources: Marxist terrorism (or communist, socialist, Leninist, Stalinist, Maoist or whatever) and Islamic terrorism. Marxist terrorism is almost extinct by now, IRA being disarmed, and most other being retired for sheer age by now. Islamic terrorism seems to be on the increase world-wide. Iraq, Afghanistand and Libya is out of the picture, but that still leaves Syria, Iran and possibly others. And lawless areas like Somalia and Gaza are just havens for terrorists. The Islamic terrorism draws on nearly endless ranks of unemployed, unmarried and poorly educated young men. And with the establishment of Muslim communities in nearly every country of Europe, the problem is spreading. Saudi Arabia is spending more money spreading Wahabism and Salafism, then the USSR ever spent spreading Communism. Marxist terrorists in the past, and Islamic terrorists in the present, have the characteristics in common that they despise Western liberal democracy as being decadent and weak, fear and loathe urban environments, and are entirely out of the mainstream of society.
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bsl    RE:None Islamic terrorists   4/15/2006 10:38:20 PM
The Tamil Tigers (I think they're name is something like "Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam") are, in some ways, the most violent of the terrorists of the last generation or so. They're Tamils, an ethnic group from Southern India, who are trying to establish another variation of a weird dictatorship over the Tamil area of Sri Lanka. I think some say that these are the people who actually began the wave of suicide bombing which we've seen over the last few decades. The IRA is not remotely on the scale of the Tamil Tigers.
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