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Subject: Zarqawi targetting Hezbollah, Syria, and Egypt
StateMachine    6/3/2006 2:56:43 AM
As if the Russians moving into the 'hood wasn't enough. We get this. And on Debkafile a corroborating story. Zarqawi in his infinite hatred of Shi'a has actually decided to take on the one outfit that beat the IDF. Wow. So 2 events seem to be direct connects to a Zarqawi move into the Arab-Israeli War. 1) the fake Egyptian soldiers attacking IDF in S. Israel 2) A direct attack on Syrian media buildings in Damascus and possibly 3) the rocket attack from Lebanon into Israel. It will be strange if Lebanon, Egypt, and Syria suddenly find themselves "infected" by Zarqawitis and the accompanying car bombs/beheadings. And even more interesting is why go after solidly anti-Israel states instead of the weak pro U.S./Israel lapdog in Jordan? Which is a perfect hotbed of Salafist/Wahabi Sunni radicalism mixed with majority Palestinian third class ready to rumble and overthrow the king.
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